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We were able to stop tired defenders, and FIFA 22 Coins we could capture fresh forwards as the game opened up," recalls Eaves. "You felt the animosity. There were so many fouls during the first five minutes that it was exactly what the team wanted."

In addition, those off-the ball movements - shouting, pointing, or even pointing - were priceless for EA in capturing the physicality and intensity of real-life games. "If an action-sports stuntman slides over people in motion capture area and then pops back up, but it does not match the intensity of the real thing," explains Eaves. "In this sport it's real. When the player stands up and is angry. We absorb all that rage and use it in our games."

It was only after capturing 22 players for 90 minutes that EA was able to create enough animation, 8.75 million frames, to enable its 'HyperMotion' technology. Machine learning is then activated. "Previously whenever a player comes up to the ball to carry out the next movement - whether it's a shot, pass or dribble, we've chosen some animations in our database" Eaves explains. "But it doesn't have any idea of the context. This data helps train the network to blend animations."

But how could the strive to be realistic affect a game that, in the end, compresses 90 minutes of professional soccer into ten minutes or so of action? "It's something positive," says FIFA YouTuber and streamer Chris Wood, aka Chesnoid Gaming. "The whole idea of sport video games is the ability to reproduce what you can see in real daily life. Therefore, it brings the game to life. Instead of five-minute halves of a game on video, it's more like five-minute parts of a football game."

The intention is that sprints, feints, and micro-movements captured in southern Spain will be able to help determine how the top athletes in the world move during FIFA 22. Take, for example, Mo Salah: the nuances when he is able to trap the ball, the delicate touch while he accelerates, skips over defenders who are chasing him, then bears down on the goal and cheap FUT 22 Coins then slots it into the net.

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