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Lost Ark has released a new trailer for their upcoming MMO on its official YouTube channel. This video gives players a comprehensive introduction to the game and its world, as well as the many in-game features.

The narrator starts off by talking about the standard features of most MMO games, namely creating your own character, learning new skills, and acquiring new weapons. You can also choose to play the https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold game by yourself or in a team with others.

After that, there is an introduction to the lessons in the game. Each class has its own unique play style, and as the game progresses, you can choose 2-4 advanced classes for your character, which will make them stronger and also give them new unique abilities .

What's unique about Lost Ark is the ability they call the Tri-Pod system. This allows players to customize their abilities, you can use skill points to gain new abilities and use them to further improve your desired abilities. This allows players to use multiple different combinations of abilities, making each character look different.

After that, the video goes into exploring the world of Arkesia, where the game's backstory requires the player to defeat the demon army. Collect pieces of the ark, gain its powers, and defeat enemies.

Plus, sailing is an important part of game exploration. And, you can customize the look of your ship and hire crossovers to help manage the ship. Alternatively, you can build a stronghold that will seat your island fort. It also serves as your home base, fleet headquarters and crafting workshop. You can also collect raw materials from around the world to upgrade your forts, which will likely give you more options for what you can do in your base.

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