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Lost Ark will release its European and American servers early next month. Before that, we can take a look at the comparison between the game and its inspired ARPG and MMO.

The most significant similarity to games such as Path of Exile is the settings in Lost Ark. In the game, there are also several demon enemies that can fight by all necessary means. In addition, the isometric view is also an example of it being affected by ARPG games. There are a lot of loot in the game, players can use them to develop their own characters. And his skill upgrade is more like Diablo 2 and Last Epoch and other game https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold players can invest points to upgrade their abilities, while in Path of Exile, he focuses more on custom construction of generic passive trees and gem links.

When it comes to more difficult content, ARPG is generally a single player experience or features other forms of party games. In this respect, Lost Ark is more like an MMO than an ARPG. This game is designed to allow players not only to be confined to social areas such as cities and settlements, but to encounter them when traveling through every area of ​​the game. Other players. Another difference from the classic ARPG is that Lost Ark does not have a procedurally generated map. Players can travel through every area in the game and know its preset route.

In addition, enemies will not respawn like in ARPG, players usually need to reload specific areas and fill them again. Conversely, the respawn rate in Lost Ark is more similar to games such as New World, where killing an enemy means that the player must wait a certain amount of time before respawning. Moreover, Lost Ark's character creation has as many as 15 choices, and it also allows custom production of the appearance of the characters.

In terms of actual games, there are multiple skill bars in Lost Ark, allowing players to switch between commands similar to those in WOW. Overall, it has achieved great success in combining the two.

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