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The World of Warcraft Community Council is discussing the issue of the server population of WOW: The Burning Crusade Classic with the developers of World of Warcraft. The reason is that only areas with very few or very large numbers of people have performance issues.

In this regard, if you look at the number of servers each month, you will Buy WOW TBC Gold find that in the past few months. Some servers are very popular, while others have completely disappeared.

The World of Warcraft Player Council was established last year, and Blizzard wanted to discuss this issue with developers a month ago. In two detailed forum posts, Sixxfury and Basil discussed in depth the reasons for this demographic imbalance.

Among them, when the guild felt that the server time was too long on their server, many players stopped the game and the transfer movement started. They wanted to find a more complete server, so in the end there was no big guild.

For guild members, their choice is only to invest in transfer funds, or stay in the server that has died in the mid-term, or stop using TBC Classic.

Their goal is of course to find servers with a large population. As a result, the servers become more and more full, which has an impact on the performance of the servers.

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