New World: Players share videos of defending control points alone and defeating two opponents from AnneBullock's blog

A New World player shared an incredible game using his musket and rapier. In this video, you can see that he is defending a control point alone and against two opponents.

Amazon has been trying to improve the way things work in many ways. First, they rebalanced the balance of weapons, which Buy New World Coins allowed the weak to perform better than before, while some of the best weapons before the change can still dominate the game.

Although, musket and bow weapons have a huge ammunition economic problem in New World, which makes them cost extra coins. However, in many cases, they are very good PVP weapons. These agile weapons appear in small-scale battles, in most cases. Because players can focus on a few targets in these small-scale battles and shoot them down first.

The Reddit user named sylphran shared a video clip of him defending control points in a fierce 1V2 battle. He quickly hit one of the enemies with a musket, which reduced his health to a very low level. When another opponent approached him with a sword and shield, the player used his rapier to dodge to narrow the gap to hurt the enemy. His additional musket attacks locked the first enemy, while the second enemy was still preparing to use his great axe.

With his incredible performance, sylphran defeated the remaining opponents by counterattacking at the right time. This shocked the giant axe players, and they fell into a backstab and musket attack. This video shows players the lethality of agile weapons in small battles. This is not the first time that New World players have demonstrated the power of muskets against multiple enemies alone.

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