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In ARPG, Diablo 2 Resurrected has a very strong opponent, the Path of Exile. Recently, this game has inspired many fans of the Blizzard series. They hope to see some PoE system approaches in the upcoming Diablo season.

Although Diablo released by Blizzard has defined ARPG-type games in many aspects, rival developers have also improved their follow-up games on the basis of establishing franchise gameplay.

Whether it's the MMOARPG Lost Ark from Smilegate RPG in Seoul or the road to exile to Grinding Gear Games, these Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes games are inspired by iconic series.

Today, Diablo players hint that Blizzard has also absorbed some content from PoE and adjusted some game content to reflect the efforts of Grinding Gear.

Just like Diablo 3 has seasons and a ladder system, there are leagues in Path of Exile. However, the fundamental difference is that each league has added a new mechanism, while in Diablo, the seasonal function has been removed.

Just like the Ethereal weapon that players dreamed of in the 24th season was removed in the 25th season, there are still a batch of soul fragments that will be replaced in the 26th season. These operations change the gameplay of each season and the abilities available to your character.

A fan wrote on the game's official subreddit that he thought it was a good idea to add a new mechanism to each league. It is not necessary to keep each season in the game to the same extent, but it will be interesting if there are still remnants of other seasons looping in and out and repeating.

This player believes that a season can be composed of new mechanisms, and then composed of three to four old mechanisms, each time it will be able to create new momentum. This will not only Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items keep new items fresh, it will also keep seasonal gameplay fresh.

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