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World of Warcraft’s weekly rewards this week can help you realize your idea of ​​ending your year with some small actions. For example, Burning Crusade Timewalking or Packed House. For Burning Crusade Classic PvP, in just two weeks, its second season will end.

You can face Illidan in this week's raid on the Dark Temple through the Burning Expedition time and space wandering TBC Classic Gold activities. Because this raid is set to normal difficulty, you must manually form a team, join a guild, or use the group finder to find a pre-made team. When the number of players reaches 10-30, you can enter. At that time, everyone's equipment and level will be adjusted. You can get some valuable loot at the end of the battle, such as pets, transmog suits, or equipment.

If you are not interested in this, then you can choose to participate in Packed House. You can experience the invigorating feeling of fighting in the 15V15 arena. And this event will last until January 4th, so that every player who loves the Arena mode will go all out for a higher honor.

There are other things that must end, like the second season of BTC Classic's PVP will end on January 11. So, you have less than two weeks left to make the best offense to get the highest ranking. The third season will be launched together with the third phase of TBC Classic. However, we only know that it will be launched in early 2022, and do not know other more specific news.

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