POE 3.11 mainly improves Harvest Crafting, which is helpful to players from CSCCA's blog

POE’s game maker GGG released patch 3.11. The patch includes handicrafts and perfect game programs that players can make. PC players can experience the changes that the new patch brings to the game one step in advance. PS4 players and Xbox players can enjoy the fresh changes later than PC players. Every player prepared a lot of POE Currency to respond to changes brought about by new patches.

The most direct change players can experience is that they now collect more advanced seeds in the sacred jungle. The strength of Bosses is directly proportional to the player’s last seed level. It means that players are better to take high-level monsters seriously to maximize the quality of the harvested seeds. They can also join forces as a team to pursue efficiency and the number of seeds harvested.

The purpose of the game team’s patch 3.11 is to provide players with a better quality gaming experience. Players now have a much higher probability of harvesting level 2 seeds. What makes the players more satisfied is that the development team fixed some bugs in Harvest. Many players use the Harvest production mechanism to develop exquisite artworks alone. Players who want to learn can watch their production process to inspire their own production process.

Now players are more concerned about the inconsistency of each module in Harvest. Players are happy that the game team has listened to the players’ suggestions and is actively developing fixes. However, players do not know when the game team will push the repair patch. The appearance and release effects of weapons and equipment in the game have become better. Players who want more exquisite equipment can Buy POE Orbs and POE Items to strengthen themselves and kill powerful monsters to pick up a variety of rare equipment.

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