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No player should like to grow monsters that can cause damage to them. The reason why GGG developed Harvest is not only to ease the tensions generated by players in the first three months of the league, but also to innovate in the gardening league. Players can now use the extra league features to create a variety of planting methods. It is worth mentioning that after defeating the monsters produced from the seeds, players can get many rare materials and vitality that can exchange POE Currency.

The core of Harvest is to allow players to collect seeds that can produce various weak or powerful monsters and kill them after careful cultivation. After completing these steps, players can use the vitality and rare materials to make valuable handicrafts according to the new mechanism. What players can get is directly related to the quality and quantity of monsters produced. Players who have not yet entered Harvest must be mentally prepared to accept this new gameplay.

The game team has also made in-depth improvements and optimizations on the passive skill tree, two-handed weapons, and the explosive game mechanics. They also added a lot of practical skills and auxiliary gems to the game and twelve items that are very beneficial to the players. They also reworked the brand and 50 other items to bring players a better gaming experience. They also added Cluster Jewels, which has performed well in Delirium, to the new league in anticipation of its role in the new league.

The game official announced that there will be 19 brand-extra advantage levels in POE 2 that even more players expect. Players who trade or gain POE Exalted Orb and POE Items in Path of Exile can then transfer to POE 2. Although COVID-19 seriously hinders the development work of the game team, it has not blocked players’ interest in the game. They Buy POE Currency to make full preparations for the future. The charm of POE continues to affect people.

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