This game is very interesting for me, as I believe from weiyismart's blog

After a month of watching Washington and Saints I realized that I didn't have the ability to select any game that is played by Madden nfl 22 coins one of these teams. To make it clearer My record is embarrassingly low in choosing Saints and Washington games.

After four weeks, I'm 0-4 choosing Washington's games, and not able to pick Saints games, making them two of the teams in the NFL which I've completely missed on this year. If you're not into doing math, that means I'm 0-8 when it comes to these two teams. That seems impossible considering the fact that I'm 41-15 choosing games which are played by other 30 teams which don't belong to Washington or New Orleans.

Since the day I attempted to convince people that "Smurfs 2 was a good movie", I have never been so mistaken about anything. Warning! It's not an excellent film. The movie isn't nearly identical to the original "Smurfs" movie. If you love movies about tiny blue characters it's a timeless favourite.

It's getting out of hand with all the missed picks. I'm talking about the week 4, I selected the Saints to beat the Giants but they were unable to hold an 11-point lead during the final seven minutes. When Washington was on the other side I decided to pick them to lose against the Falcons which they eventually won even though they were trailing by eight with just four minutes left.

No matter what I tell you, it always proves to be wrong. If I predicted the Saints to defeat Washington by 47 points this week, they would fall by 74.

Since the opposite of what I'm predicting is always to be the case whenever these two teams play this year, I've decided that I'll take the fact into consideration, and I'm going to predict the opposite of what I think will occur. My gut initially told me to take the Saints but I'm not following my instincts and choosing Washington. This past week, I tested this exact same strategy with the Chargers and was 0-3 when picking the Chargers' games in Week 4 -- and it did the trick. I'm no longer losing selecting Chargers games.

Washington is my first choice. If they lose, I will put myself in a room with the "Smurfs" DVD. I will never come out of that room except for food and to go to the bathroom.

This game is very interesting for me, as I believe it's the only game scheduled this week in which both head coaches would like to use a different quarterback other than the one they're starting. Drew Lock may be playing in Denver on Sunday as Teddy Bridgewater sustained a concussion. The Broncos are likely to be running with a beat up Bridgewater or cheap Mut 22 coins a QB in Lock, who led the Broncos to exactly zero points over the course of a single half of action against the Ravens.

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