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New World Open Beta Patch Notes and Highlights

Amazon Games’ New World is about to enter open beta from September 9 through to September 12. With the new open beta, players get to test out the content once again before it officially releases on September 28. One thing players can do is test the content we saw during the Closed Beta once again. However, the major difference is the huge balance changes for weapons and the content itself. Amazon Games has revealed the New World Open Beta patch notes, targeting the worst offenders and plenty of bug fixes. Here is every major aspect that is changing.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit official website.

There is plenty of changes coming to the New World Open beta via these patch notes. The most important thing is the patch addresses some of the outrages that players and streamers alike had through the two weeks closed beta.

One example is PvP Scaling, which is now much harder for lower levels players to kill a higher level player. It rewards the higher level player for being higher level, but skill will still remain an important factor.

The New World Open Beta patch notes say: “PVP scaling has been reduced. The level difference will matter more in your encounters meaning that it will take more hits for a lower level player to kill a higher level player and less hits for a higher level player to kill a lower level player.”It became very apparent very quickly that some weapons were so much stronger than others. Some weapons in the New World Closed Beta were either bugged, causing them to do a lot more than they should, or were outright broken. It was so evident that we had no choice but to create a New World weapon tier list.

As you can see, the majority of these balance changes affect a weapons ability to keep them alive. The Fortify buffs are the biggest nerfs, while some weapons have some annoying stagger mechanics moved to create counterplay. Most interestingly, the Hatchet’s Berserker healing hasn’t gotten a nerf, which is one of the weapons lots of players tilted over.

Any player who hit level 60 will have seen how broken the AI was throughout the game. Amazon Games are determined to deliver a much better PVE experience, so the following AI changes and difficulties are coming into play.

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