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Although the debate is one of OSRS GP pragmatics versus pure power, the force doesn’t always outweigh all the problems that can be faced. There's a choice between iron bar or guns. The bar can be more damaging if you hit it hard enough, you may as well choose the gun.

The only real advantage to melee is its low cost. Items like the enhanced excalibur or the Saradomin godsword provide certain healing abilities. You would need to switch to the ancients in order to gain such an ability, and you will need to make use of blood spells. Of course, this is only applicable to low- to medium skilled players. It is irrelevant what you do once you are able to utilize scrimshaws and auras as well as noxious weaponry.

These I believe are perfectly acceptable. They cover the completeness of tasks in RuneScape, doing "all" the jobs in all major areas of RuneScape. There are some odd ones. "The Annihilator", title. Does that refer to post-quest content? Or a title from the new slayer monster. It makes sense to complete the quest if there's post-quest content.

These do not include the completeness or even all of RuneScape's content. These are secondary objectives that allow you to gain skills or experience that you have already trained for Completionist Cape 99. But there are other methods of training that aren't compulsory and should be left for the Trimmed Cape.

The Trimmed Cape is for all intents and buy old school rs gold purposes, the base Comp Cape however it comes with the added burden of playing every minigame available in RuneScape. There are some additional additives the player can use, like unlocking hidden lore (the Dragonkin journals from QBD and the Scabarite research notebooks). But this isn't the case since the content after completing a quest is spread across both capses.

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