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hard to enjoy tbc considering the condition of the game. I could only imagine the wrath of God. It's only matter of time before blizzard says we can purchase gold at their stores because it's more secure and WOW TBC Gold since people are interested in it. I'm sick of everything they've brought with this game. Retail and the classic. Unfortunately, they aren't able to erase the memories I have of playing this game when I was a kid at the time, they'll never be able to touch that :)

In a perfect world, blizzard would crack down on third party gold selling websites and prohibit any person who makes use of these platforms, and also not integrate their own gold for cash store like retail, which they'll inevitably do. Character boost is also a problem for the economy. While it doesn't help any profession, it does give players what they need. As you can see from botting issues but it doesn't enhance any profession. what are ya gonna do?

It's not because they cannot afford it. It's not because they can't afford it. It's turned into a straight money-grabbing game that includes more spoon feeding and handholding.

The minimal changes to SOM means it will suffer the same fate as the classic. Their "first step" is not sufficient. There are so many simple changes that require only a few minutes to implement, but could yield large changes making the experience unique. It's simple to say that there is no ambition in blizzard anymore. This is why the OP post on dissatisfaction has been invented.

Bots as well as gold inflation and the soul-destroying cost of consumerism. "Buffing bosses" might not be a lot of work, but it could mean having more obligation to buy more consumables. Players will be required to doing gdkps. While I'm not saying that classic wasn't fun but it was considerably less fun AQ and the naxx

Those were mega server problems. My server had around 3.5k people , and it was amazing. If you own your own farm consumes, you don't need to pay any extra. Inb4 isn't enough Nodes cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold this is a massive server issue. Servers with vanilla-like numbers have never experienced a problem.

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