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There's some exciting news to share with you about Animal Crossing: New Leaf:The Blathers' Museum is currently under construction, which opens up new horizons! While the building is being renovated, you will be unable to make any donations, so please keep your newly discovered treasures in your possession during this time. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Remember, there is no need to be concerned; the museum will reopen as scheduled on Monday, September 18.

Start by finishing up the store (if you haven't already). This will serve as your first major goal.

The Store should be open for business today, assuming you were successful in gathering the necessary resources on your end. If you're still attempting to collect 30 Iron Nuggets on Day 3 of the game despite having hit every single rock on the island, you'll almost certainly achieve your goal, which will almost certainly push you over the edge. Always remember that you must deliver the requested haul to Nook's tent in order for the Store to be ready for construction the following day.

Remember that if you find yourself in desperate need of resources, you can spend 2,000 Nook Miles to gain access to an island that is overflowing with treasures and other useful items. Keep this in mind if you find yourself in desperate need of resources.

In addition, increasing the amount of resources that can be harvested each year is another major objective.

After completing the tasks that necessitated the collection of 30 ACNH items, you will be able to use that resource in a more creative manner, allowing you to create some of the more high-end tools that you have included in your recipe book as a result of your labors of love. A faster acquisition of necessary resources will result as a result of this expedited acquisition process. Don't undervalue the importance of having a large number of resources on hand; you'll need a boatload of them as soon as tomorrow morning, if not sooner, so make sure you have plenty.

What do you do on your fourth and final day of vacation?

My life will be forever altered on this day, and I can't wait for it to happen. Because Blathers' Museum will be fully operational at the time of your donation, you will be able to donate anything you have been saving to the museum without any difficulty. Your previous donation was marked as unacceptable, which indicates that you should fill your inventory with potential discoveries before making another donation in order to avoid your previous donation being marked as unacceptable. This is the stage at which you will be able to sell anything that was marked as unavailable in the previous step.

When will it be available, as well as which stores will carry it, are still being worked out. Of course, we're referring to Timmy and Tommy's Store in this context! It is anticipated that Nook's Cranny, which will be located in the heart of the city in the near future, will become your future go-to destination for furniture shopping in the near future. If you have any unwanted items, sell them and keep an eye on the board in front of the store for items that are in high demand and selling for significantly more than they would normally sell for in order to supplement your income.


Speak with Tom Nook, who will inform you that as a result of your story being shared, new people have expressed an interest in relocating to your island, which you should take into consideration. He does, however, want to make certain that they will have enough space before proceeding. As an added bonus, the recipe includes an instruction sheet on how to build your own wooden bridge, which will make traveling across a single river much more convenient and enjoyable. It is likely that you have been harvesting Wood on a daily basis already, despite the fact that only a small amount will be required to construct the various parts of the structure. As a result, your physical and mental health should be in excellent condition.

The location of your first bridge should be carefully considered before moving forward with the construction of your second bridge and third. However, while the first bridge is free, subsequent bridges will cost a significant amount of Bells, so make the most of this opportunity while it is still open. In the event that you know where it will be used the most by visitors, you should place it in a location that is convenient for them based on the design of your island.

Selecting three potential housing sites ranks second on the list of most important tasks to complete.

After you have completed the construction of your bridge, Nook will provide you with three residential plots to live on. These plots appear to be dwarfed in comparison to the tent sites you selected on Day 1 of your camping adventure, thanks to the presence of a house and a large grassy area surrounding it.

We recommend that you place them close to one another in order to maximize convenience; however, their positioning will not make a significant difference in the long run, so don't be concerned about animal crossing buy items.

Number three on the list of most important goals is to construct landscape furniture (also referred to as landscaping or landscape furniture construction, or landscape furniture construction).

In order to fulfill the bare minimum requirement for each plot, six items of furniture (three items for each plot) are required, with three pieces required to be placed inside each plot and three pieces required to be placed outside each plot. Almost every piece of furniture that has been requested for the plots is do-it-yourself furniture, which means that it can be constructed from readily available materials and assembled in a relatively short period of time. If I understand you correctly, you've been harvesting on a daily basis for a while. If this is the case, you should be able to complete each of the plots today with the resources you have available to you, and you should be able to complete each of the plots today. Nothing prevents you from using a Nook Ticket to purchase additional Wood (or Iron Nuggets, Stones, or Clay) if you don't already have enough of the materials you require.

If you complete this plot, you will receive the recipe for the Ladder, which you can use to scale the cliffs on your island that are too steep for your current mode of transportation. The team of archaeologists and paleontologists will be on the lookout for any fossils or bugs that haven't been discovered yet by you while you're up there, because the flowers you find will be used to fulfill one of the furniture requests.

We must speak with Tom Nook and inform him that the job has been completed and that he is free to move forward with the next step in the process. In no time at all, your new villagers will be on their way to meet with you.

The fourth and final major goal is to increase the amount of resources that are harvested.

All of the tasks that must be completed are clearly visible to you!

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