In the event that an opponent brings the goalkeeper off the line a FIFA 22 player shows off a brilliant trick that allows him to score corners with relative ease from Maxwell Dick's blog

One of the players in a recent FIFA 22 forum post gave some helpful advice on scoring directly from a corner when an opponent is obnoxiously pulling their goalkeeper off the line.

An opponent in a football match decided to take their goalkeeper off the line in order to make life more difficult when attempting to locate a player from a corner, as Reddit user mrshandanar discovered while playing the game.


Ms Mrshandanar, on the other hand, has now revealed how players in FIFA 22 Coins Ultimate Team can counteract the aforementioned goalkeeping tactic.

When playing on FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals, a Redditor substituted the right-footed Trent Alexander-Arnold for the left-footed Mohamed Salah, who was assigned to corner duties.

Mrs. Handanar also pointed the reticle towards the back post, which resulted in the goal being completely exposed as a result of the goalkeeper being brought out past the six-yard line.

A Reddit user decided to pull the trigger at a lower power than was necessary to prevent Salah's curling strike from flying over the player at the front post and into the back of the empty net.

According to one commenter, he also collaborates with Ricardo Pereira -- yes, that's right, Ricardo.I, on the other hand, never save my clips, but I did so with this particular set.For the vast majority of the time, my opponent will also be watching the replay.It was a tremendously satisfying experience.

This is something I do, according to a third party.When they take on the appearance of a tit, I get a rush of pure delight.FIFA 22 has been released in the last few weeks for the PlayStation 5, Xbox One Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, among other platforms.

Given EA Sports' ongoing legal battle with FIFA over the licensing agreement, it's possible that the next installment in the popular soccer franchise will be known by a different name.

According to reports, FIFA is seeking $1 billion to renew the license, which would be more than double the amount currently being sought.The license is set to expire at the beginning of December in 2022, which is the first day of December.

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