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Months later I hear some OSRS GP very annoying students in my class discussing the game Runescape. The game sounded vaguely familiar from the experience I shared with my friend, so I decided to try so I could act all professional to the children. I set up an account on Friday afternoon. It was lost in Varrock. Then I created Sobend. I decided to play safe this time and stayed at Lumbridge.

I reached the level 20 mark by killing cows, and eventually got iron armor and other items. When my classmates were discussing Runescape, I barged into the room and began talking about how great I had become. This was prior to the time that Runescape was well-known and considered nerdy. After being yelled against by the teacher for talking too loudly on my longsword made of iron, the students were like woah. It was hilarious to me.

Then I spoke with my friend who had brought me into the game and he taught me some more stuff, like how to interact with other players by typing (I did not figure that out on my own sadly). I kept working on my combat skills, and then began mining and smithing. Then Runescape came along and I was happy every day.

Tell us your stories. Although it may seem to be a long time long ago for some players, I am sure that we all still have fond memories of the first time we began to play. It is important to avoid becoming nostalgic and thinking "Runescape was so much more fun than the average man." We already know that you believe this.

Josh one of my friends from high school who was a bit of a snob in our group, suggested the game to me while I was in the 9th grade. It was played for a long time by a lot of us. By the end of that first year, just my buddy Gentry and me were the only remaining players. Josh had already stopped as well.

Gentry was about rs 2007 gold 25% into the second-year when Gentry was attacked by Josh. We believe it to be Josh however we aren't certain. He quit. I was the final player. Everyone thought it was fun when we first began to play. The game can seem overwhelming to a new player. There's so much to learn! There are a lot of places where that you can study.

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