Which leaves WoD at 2. "You will not accept this...gift? from Weiweismart's blog

LocalDefense channel is used to announce attacks by enemies on outposts/towns and for communication between WOW TBC Gold players. Battleground wins are a source of resources for the faction you are fighting to enhance the war effort. New battlegrounds are created to match every neutral zone (alterac valley = winterspring Warsong = barrens so on) Queue up for areas or battlegrounds that need assistance. Your wartime efforts will allow you to upgrade your gear at any level, gain rank for your faction, and receive access to mounts and tabards as well and more gear. You can also use your professions to design and create items required for war.

There's a lot more to this concept than just vanilla but I'm yet to hear about a follow-up.

I'm also aware of problems with this design that require a solution, such as the level disparity for maximum level characters and new characters, or the imbalance between factions. It makes me think about that there is a lot of potential in WoW while it was already a fantastic game.

I've never heard of this, and would like to read more about it - I don't understand how this will work in light of the previous games it was based upon but there's lots to learn about the alpha development that I've never had the pleasure of reading. Anyone have any suggestions for where I could find out more information about this? Ty, Cheers

Imagine that you'd begin with some faction towards your race's faction. Based on the way you fought other races and what tasks you finished and completed, you might gain or lose factions. Humans can be friendly with undead people and complete undead quests.

I would've loved something like this. To me, there's no better feeling than going living in the world and having random friendly/hostile encounters with fellow players. It's odd that an mmo would go to such a great extent in the direction of smaller or organized groups, especially when they aren't part of the world.

Which leaves WoD at 2. "You will not accept this...gift? Did you invite these savages to...just...to witness you DIE? !" They put all their souls and hearts into creating this cinematic. It's a shame the actual expac wasn't given the same amount of work. The whole thing was epic.

Then of course Wrath is still at 1 because it's impossible to beat the intense shock of that opening "The day you were born the very forests of lordaeron whispered the name ....Arthas". Wrath is WOW for me. This game was found for the first time at the close of BC. I received my free trial in the sunwell patch. The first new content launch experience cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold was"zep" to howling Fjord. It brings me back to being a child back in the day lol

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