They cover the completeness of tasks in RuneScape from MMOgrfy's blog

They are, in my opinion, good enough. They cover the completeness of tasks in RuneScape, doing "all" the tasks across all aspects of RuneScape gold. There are, however, some unusual ones. The title: "The Anihilator". Do you count that as post-quest material? Perhaps a name of a brand new slayer monster? If you can find post-quest content it makes sense.

These are not intended to be accomplished in RuneScape. They're side objectives that allow you to gain experience in skills that you have already learned to 99 in the Completionist Cape, or assist you in achieving it. There are many other ways to train and these are not required.

The Trimmed Cape can be considered the primary Comp Cape. It requires that you complete the entire RuneScape minigames. (With a few other additives that players can take part in, such as unlocking hidden lore such as the Dragonkin journals from QBD come to mind, and also the Scabarite research notes) However, it's also flawed as post-quest content is spread across both capes.

Varrock was the next. These weird names weirded you out but you didn't forget the names. Varrock was the main market and the hub for shops. The middle circle was home to all kinds of players, for example, the Romeo and Juliet questman who walked through the crowds. Clans members selling their clans, purchasing and selling specific items, and dropping items.

They were referred to as "drop events" and you'd attend them whenever you could to get the rune armor you'd heard about so many times from numerous people. Once you made your first 1,000gp/1k, you'd be the happiest person on earth, but it would be lost in some way. Most likely, it was through giving you a chance to cheap RS gold try in the field of merchanting.

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