The popularity of Ironman was a result of the OSRS community from Skyzhay's blog

Jagex offered poor customer OSRS GP service. It was almost like they didn't even take into account that I was scammed. Jagex came up the original idea to bring back runescape 2007 as a solution, rather than fixing the game.

It seems, however, that Runescape has improved since then (in only 2 years!). I would come back but I've been so busy with my final year at university that I'm not able to play it anymore. Although there are still many problems, I will always treasure this game because of the memories it brought to me.

I can't forget the defeat of Elvarg in Dragon Slayer. What can I do to forget The Chosen Commander? There are many memorable quests that I haven't even begun to mention. While I doubt that I'll return anytime soon, this community should continue to exist for many more years. Thank you Runescape and Thank you Sal for the guides!

Hi all! Here at Jagex headquarters, we've seen the Ironman Challenge explode in popularity and we've really enjoyed watching players tackle the challenge in youtube videos and livestreams!

This is the Ironman Challenge. It is a community-craze that requires players to create a RuneScape Character and to be completely independent. You can only make use of resources and equipment, and cannot get assistance from anyone else. It's fun, testing your knowledge and skills.

While this is a lot of fun can be, there are a few drawbacks at the moment There's no simple way to prove the ironman character There's no way to prove you've adhered to the rules of the challenge (or determine if other participants haven't).

This is where we can assist! We're looking at adding a mode for ironman into the game to help support this amazing community-created gameplay. We are treating this project as an experiment and is not yet able to be sure of its availability. A basic implementation may be released prior to deciding whether or not we want to develop it further.

(The Old School RuneScape runescape gold 2007 group are also looking at an ironman alternative. The popularity of Ironman was a result of the OSRS community. If you're an Old School player be sure to keep an eye on the OSRS developer blogs and forums to participate in the discussion once it starts.

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