The best feature of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is cooperation with everyone from Bale's blog

This is how I schedule the game. I will log in in advance to check the radish price and see if it is the same as the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells
price I expected, because the price will change at 12 pm every day. But on Sunday, I had to get up in the morning to get some radishes before Daisy May. And I will always pay attention to the trend of Nook miles Tickets. These are just a part of the routine activities of animal crossing. If you are interested, you can go to the game to experience it yourself.

I know that is not news. I have played almost all major series of games, and the one thing I have always liked is the relaxed pace and slow game construction. Always be patient. I know that some people choose to travel and advance their time so they do n’t have to wait, so they can walk around and collect resources. That’s not for me. I like the slow burning for months or even years.

The first month is always the preparation stage, where you run around like a lunatic to pick up shells and fruits, so you can pay off your loan. You are a beach bastard, sleeping in a small bed with cardboard boxes as furniture.

Then, after a few weeks, you paid off the loan, started your routine work, and figured out what you want to get from the village. Do you want to make an orchard or a beautiful garden? Do you want to decorate your bedroom like a traditional Japanese house, or in French Rococo style? New Horizons expands the options here; you can not only decorate the island itself with furniture but also shape the entire land.

Finally, you have entered the maintenance phase that I am talking about. You check the fruits of shells and trees on your coast. You will see specials in the store. You shake all the trees and water all the flowers. You will see what special guests may be visiting your town. Then, you have finished one day’s work.

Animal Crossing is not busy as long as it is at the beginning. It’s been two months, and I’m still very busy. There are still many things to do! This is mainly because they only added features to the game; even though I have been spending time, I still barely feel the surface. I haven't tried terrain remodeling, mainly because I like the layout of the island and I do n’t know what to change. I am looking for bugs and fish. I broke into the neighbor’s house to see what they were building. I wandered around the square to see if there were villagers singing.

All of this seems to run counter to the game’s point of view, making it feel more like work. However, none of these are actually necessary. There is no door service, as long as you have the time and energy, you can play for a few minutes each day. I hope that one day, all new horizons will suit me. But now, a group of fans have managed to establish a whole new reality, and I can immerse them, similar to some of the best MMOs, but many people are kind and cooperative. Recently, I have a great interest in this game. I bought a lot of Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets at IGGM. I believe that my investment in this game will pay off. At

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