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It happened to us a few times and we were able to salvage that run. No belt but it was an effective chance to WOW TBC Gold save. If you've been able to manage addings and maintained an excellent health shield, you're usually secure. However, if you've been negligent and let adds go it's difficult to recover.

If I am forming an organization to collect a certain item, and have already gotten the tank/healer gathered What is the reason why I should want to fight a rival DPS? The item must drop , and I'll need to get a coin toss in order to obtain it. DPS are a dime a dozen.

If they're the first I'm not worried about. To collect the trinket I ran my SP group for 11 consecutive days. I ensured that my 2 dps did not need it. Many people wanted the leather legs or simply tune in. It's not a good idea if they wait until they're off or worse, at the boss and have their pals all roll on it so they can trade it for them.

As someone who had a full bis rogue alt, farming bis gear was brutal. My mage was around 50% until the time I reached 70. Crafting tailoring gear for crafting is easy. Kara has almost all the same items, and my mage had to make use of gear from Prince as I reached the age of 70. Rogue isn't as easy to raid , in comparison to my mage, ele the shaman. It's a lot easier attack with bolts, and does far less damage than uptime, combopoints, cooldowns, and energy management between imp ea and DPS.

There's nothing left however there is a meme that "rogues and garbage" people are prone to taking to heart. In most of my dungeons, I compete for the highest the dps. There's an element of the content we're not able to compete with and every player slanders rogues.

They also have a tough in getting into raids as raids only ever want 1 If they have enough physical dps to be able to support it. Even if they get into the game, they'll need to spec into better expose armor. This is basically a buff that the player must spec. This means that you'll have to be spec'd every when you wish to raid or pvp.

They have all the advantages they can. are available from different class that does more damage than they do. In addition to being the top choice for pvp it leaves a lot of rogues able to pvp but not in a position to pve. This is due to the fact that rogues bis-pvp gear needs a lot of pve-specific equipment, and even if you're not "the guild raid cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold rogue that will be getting warglaives" and you're not a guild raid rogue, you'll face problems pvping because everybody will be out gearing your character.

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By Weiweismart
Added Oct 5 '21



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