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Why Diablo II: Resurrected Kept Its Rough Edges

DIABLO II is the sort of game that made the cliché “instant classic” mean something again. When it launched in 2000, the game’s skullface aesthetic, elaborate gameplay systems, and infinite build-customization options immediately monumentalized it as one of the best PC games of all time. Sure, it had bugs. And it had players who loudly (so loudly) complained about them. But that’s not what has stuck with people about Diablo II. It’s when they found a demon crossbow in the Halls of the Dead with a 1-in-60,000 drop rate. Or when they stumbled upon the perfect Necromancer build to explode a pile of dead zombies to kill even bigger zombies standing in the zone.To get more news about Buy Safe Diablo 2 Gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
Auto-looting and other QoL upgrades are optional: "Auto-gold is a feature we've added that you can turn on or off," says principal designer Rob Gallerani, who works at Vicarious Visions, a studio now under the Blizzard umbrella. "If you want to pick up gold by clicking on it, you can still do that. If you want to run over it to pick it up, you can run over it." There are new hotkeys. There's an auto-party system for automatically joining games and automatically inviting people to your game, but it's optional. If you want to type "pp" in chat the old-fashioned way, you still can.

Completely remade cutscenes: This is the one place where D2R actually is a remake. The cutscenes have been completely redone rather than upscaled from the original files, but with involvement from people who worked on the cutscenes back in 2000. "We wanted to take this really dramatic story and take all 27 minutes of the cinematics... and remake them from scratch with modern technology and CGI," says Fergusson. "So it's going to look fantastic. But again, same performances, shot-for-shot, if it cut from one scene to another in the original it's going to cut at that moment in the remake of those videos."
Modding: There are 20 years of Diablo 2 mods out there at this point, and Diablo 2: Resurrected will still allow modding. But it won't work exactly the same way, since modern Battle.net is stricter and more secure. Gallerani pointed to .DLL injections as something you could do with classic Diablo 2 that you can't do with D2R. However, he also said that many parts of the game that once required those kinds of invasive mods to modify have been shifted into easily modifiable data, so modders will still be able to access them despite Battle.net's tighter security.

Battle.net friends lists, dedicated servers and security: Gallerani says Blizzard is "actively discouraging" exploits like item duping and botting, things the modern Battle.net client helps prevent. It also offers the advantages of just being able to click on a friend's name to invite them without typing in an IP address or scrolling through a list of game lobbies. Hosting games now means you're hosting a dedicated Battle.net server for people to join.

Cross-progression with consoles: Diablo 2 is being released for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, and Blizzard is supporting cross-progression with PC. I asked which consoles, but Fergusson says that's still in discussion (the smart money says Nintendo and Xbox are locked down, but Sony remains up in the air).

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