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The Exploding Arrow Amazon, also called Fire Bowazon, may be the Fire counterpart to the Freezing Arrow Amazon. While she turns monsters into ice cubes, this build uses explosions and burning ground to melt the demons from Hell!

The mixture of Exploding Arrow Immolation Arrow Pierce

Fire Bowazon becomes a lot more versatile with the help of Flame RiftTerror Zone.

While the offense from the Fire Bowazon is rather strong, this comes at the cost of survivability. You see this general theme in Bow-builds. They have a difficult time capping their Resistance. So her capability to Dodge Avoid Evade

Note: The Item-stat +x to xx Fire Damage drastically boosts the explosion damage of Exploding Arrow Immolation Arrow


Stony Tomb - High Density, No Immunities, Many Elite Groups

The Secret Cow Level - High Density, No Immunities,

Tal Rasha's Tombs - High Density, SKIP Tombs with Burning Dead

Flayer Jungle + Flayer Dungeon - High Density, SKIP Shamans

Frigid Highlands - Quick Access, Only kill Eldritch the Rectifier

D2R Ladder Items


Chaos Sanctuary - Immunities, Tanky enemies

River of Flame + City from the Damned - Immunities, Tanky enemies, Trash Mobility

Act 2 Sewers - Immunities

Travincal - Immunities, High Elemental Damage

Arcane Sanctuary - Immunities, Trash Mobility


The Standard setup stacks just as much +x to Fire Damage and +x to Skills, while keeping the highest Attack Speed possible. Faith Matriarchal Bow +5 to Skills, +120 Fire Damage, and massive +x% Increased Attack Speed from Fanaticism Hustle Ashwood BowAttack Speed Breakpoint by proccing Burst of Speed Body Armor Helmet Rainbow Facets+x Fire Damage, +x% Fire Skill Damage and -x% Enemy Fire Resistance. Razortail Pierce Raven FrostCannot Be Frozen, The Rising Sun The Stone of Jordan+x to Skills around the build. Flame Rift


We make use of a Holy Freeze Infinity Giant Thresher Conviction Andariel's Visage Ruby Jewel of Fervor Fortitude Sacred Armor


Put 1 Skill Point into each of the following Skills:

1. Dodge



Strafe Hustle Ashwood Bow

Pierce (You need to reach 67% Chance to Pierce!)

Max the following Skills within this order:

1. Exploding Arrow

Fire Arrow

Immolation Arrow


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