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A new fishing mini-game was added to the update of Genshin Impact 2.1. In this game, when all the fish in a place are used up, the player needs to wait for a period of time for them to respawn.

In normal times, players have a large number of side missions, daily missions and mini games to fill up the Genshin Impact Account Buy game time. In this update, miHoYo has added a new content, that is, this fishing game, players need to catch a lot of fish to complete its various achievements.

Before this update, players had to swim if they wanted to catch fish. In this latest fishing game, there are special fishing spots, baits and fishing rods for players to use, and you can catch one of 23 new fish. These contents can be displayed in the player's Serenitea Pot, and they can be used to cook recipes and complete tasks and achievements.

However, the fish that can be caught at the new fishing spot and the ordinary fish that the player catches while swimming have a different respawn timer. For players who wish to obtain free Primogems through achievements, it is important to know when the fish will respawn. Unlike ordinary fish that can respawn every day, fish at fishing spots require three full days to refill. So once the player has emptied all the fish in a place, no one will return there within 72 hours. However, players can also obtain some other methods besides the world provided by the current Teyvat map.

One of the easiest ways is to go to other fishing spots: Mondstadt has 8 fishing spots, Liyue has 11, and Inazuma has 8 fishing spots. Players can use other fishing spots in their world, or when there are no fish on the player's map or there is no fish that they want to catch, they can also go to fishing spots in other travelers' worlds. Even if the player has no real-world friends to join, there is a great matching system in the game to help the player travel to the world of other players.

Another method is to change the time of Genshin Impact Accounts day. Because some fish only appear at night, using the waiting function may allow players to catch more fish at fishing spots that were previously empty.

Do you like the updated fishing system? Through fishing, you can unlock many achievements and get free Primogems, as well as harvest and get to know many different interesting fishes. I think this is a very interesting thing. In addition, if you want to purchase new Genshin Impact Accounts during the game, you can visit MMOWTS. You can buy a lot of Genshin Impact Accounts for a small amount of money, and you can also buy the five-star characters or weapons you want in MMOWTS.

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