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NBA 2K22 has been enhanced and new features have been added to speed up the pace of the game, the action has become more compact and agile, and the player builder has also undergone great changes. Whether the player is running on PS4 and PS5, or running on other platforms. For this year, there should be a whole new experience.

The goal of the game in defense is to Buy MT 2K22 provide players with tools that can truly change the outcome of the game. If the player's outside defense ability is very good, you can try to clamp the ball and pass the ball forcibly. And if the player is a rim protector, he hopes to provide the player with random attempts at weak shots.

In terms of shooting, the shot contest and blocking systems in the game were completely rebuilt, and several new snatch blocks and volleyball spikes that had never happened before appeared. The "ghost contests" that many players complained about in The shot contest will also be rewritten and removed. If you lose your position or can't stop the shooter this year, it should lead to some easy offenses.

For floor defenders, especially those who use PS5DualSense wireless controllers, the haptic feedback is very important. For PS5 players, due to the improvement of the footstep implantation, the sliding at both ends of the floor will be reduced very little.

The main focus of the next generation of artificial intelligence frontiers is also defense. The positioning of the defenders because of the New on-ball defensive positioning logic, regardless of their distance from the basket, their positioning becomes more consistent. Coupled with the improvement of the action, the player can tighten the defensive position, so for PS5 players, the defensive pressure will be felt more than last 2K22 MT year.

Are you also playing NBA 2K on PS4 or PS5? NBA 2K22 has updated and enhanced a lot of content, and I believe it will definitely bring players a new sense of gaming experience after it goes live. At that time, if you need to buy NBA 2K22 MT, you are welcome to visit UTnice. In UTnice, you can buy a large number of NBA 2K22 MTs for a small amount of money, and their quantity is reliable and the delivery speed is fast. You can buy NBA 2K22 MT at UTnice with complete confidence.

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