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Something You Can't Miss about Onslaught Expansion for SWTOR

Are you addicted in the fancy game Star Wars: The Old Republic? Do you want to explore more new wonderful points when playing this game? If yes, this Onslaught expansion for SWTOR will never let you down.To get more news about Cheap Swtor Credits, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

In order to help you know more details, will share the latest information. if you didn't explore this new mode. Except the latest news, you can also buy SWTOR Credits from our site if you need power enhancement. Now, let's check the details out together.

In the upcoming Onslaught expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can play your way. First, It offers more gear customization than you have ever had before. Second, the path to getting the gear you want is always available through playing your favorite types of content. And most importantly, if any part of gearing is frustrating, you still have ways to reduce that frustration. Getting gear and customizing your character is a key part of being able to play your way, and one of the core systems in Onslaught.

New Set Bonuses

Set bonuses are unique effects that help tailor your character’s playstyle. They are activated by equipping multiple pieces of gear from the same set at once. Today, players only have one set available to them in their chosen role. Starting in Onslaught, players will have a much larger number of sets to choose from. If you were that same damage-dealing Sorcerer, you will not only have more than one Sorcerer option to hunt for, but now you will also be able to find set bonuses that work for all Inquisitors, or even sets that can be used by any Class!

Another added benefit in Onslaught is that sets will come in a variety of sizes. you even have the ability to mix and match multiple sets together to provide even more flexibility. Lastly, we are moving all set bonus effects to be on the armor item shell itself.

Tactical Items

Tactical items are a brand-new item type being introducing in Onslaught. These are rare and very powerful items which, when combined with set bonuses, can help you play the way you want. There will be numerous Tactical items that are available for each Advanced Class and Discipline which means there are plenty of ways to modify your character to fit your personal playstyle! For more cheap swtor credits, please come to our site to buy what you need!


Amplifiers are a new type of stat bonus found on gear and gear modifications. Starting in Onslaught players will always find one Amplifier on each Armoring, Mod, Enhancement, Hilt, Barrel, and Armor Shell. With many different Amplifiers, players will be able to tailor these bonuses to fit their playstyle. Some example Amplifiers include increased weapon damage, increased threat generation, and in-combat health regeneration.
Items in PvP

Between Set Bonuses, Tactical items, and Amplifiers there is a lot at play when it comes to balancing gameplay, especially with Player vs Player content. Warzones remain a place where gear is important, but that player skill is critical to victory.

However, Set Bonuses, Tactical items, and Amplifiers will all affect your PvP experience. Although every player is at the same power level, the way they choose to focus that power is in their hands. We look forward to your feedback on how these items impact PvP, so be sure to provide your feedback now and on PTS!

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