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I voted in this, I truly, OSRS GP completely believe that the polling in OSRS should be taken off. No one person speaks for all and when people vote or in to spite othrrs, we WILL NEVER get anything rewarding. This is the reason the devs have to choose to create quests and cont quest lines. Skills that are new are wanted by me, I need this game to grow. With the previous skill polled, I truly felt as though we had a shot, it filled a place that has been lacking ( the ability to generate cloth gear ), be willing to wager that many voted no since (her der no nehw sckillz for me!

Polling only lets of the maxed neckbeards continue to deny content that is new to Runescape. The quantity of new and returning mid-high lvl players they get will readily off-balance the sober bank standing minority they'll shed for a month until they resub back again. RS3 is what happens without consumer polling. The community choosing what goes in Runescape means the playerbase needed a thing and Runescape won't be driven to the floor from aqful updates. One for everybody is the system you're proposing. Polling is the view of this userbase. It's everyone with a voice.

The very first question about frequently do I play this sport, there should be a choice of,"I am currently taking a break." Sometimes I get burnt out. That is fine. I'm 1600 total but I am not too efficient or fight focused so I have not bossed or done master quests. So it didn't give me an choice to say I don't understand in regards to those questions. So I put neutral which I think throws off the ethics of that answer. Also when you were speaking about Jagex that I didn't have any clue how to answer these questions. I don't understand anything about Jagex outside the OSRS team which I believe is a relatively small section of your company.

I also wish I understood anything regarding your parent company MacArthur. They are a ghost at the World Wide Web. Furthermore, the only think I really do know is that Jagex has pretty much given up on every match they have ever tried to earn outside of RuneScape. Next was the question about prioritizing what I think you should come out with to keep me as a paying member. There was no choice for simply updating skills or saying I don't need you to focus on a few of those options at all. Eventually for the question,"what do you consider customer care?" An option should be,"What customer service?"

Together with the direction this survey is trying to drag people's remarks, I am very, very, very afraid. Repeatable quests, HD customers, once again trying to push new skills, etc.. No place to describe answers that need circumstance, such as satisfaction with Jagex's (non-existant) customer support or how much confidence we place in them. Questions regarding how polling content functions specifically is terrifying, given Jagex's current penchant for just forcing content that has failed multiple polls via as ethics upgrades.

Not to mention: Asking for buy old school runescape gold people's favorite games, location of residence, employment status, and even their contact number is extremely inappropriate for this kind of survey. Looks nakedly enjoy an attempt for gathering marketing data available. Editing this in now that I think about it more: The more I think about the phone number piece, the slimier it seems to be honest. Most of us know completely damn well that Jagex is not going to call anybody who answers this survey. Leading people to provide their personal information into a survey under the guise of"Wow you are so smart, perhaps we will call you for your opinions on upcoming stuff!" Is totally disgusting, and if anything else, I did not react extreme enough.

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