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For corner kicks, near post run is always the best way to deal with it. With the upcoming release of FIFA 22, you need to further improve your gaming skills. In order to gain an advantage in career mode, Ultimate Team mode, or playing with friends at home, you need to become an expert in set-pieces and eventually win the game. Keep reading this FIFA 22 Coins article and you will learn the most practical guide to scoring corner kicks.

Near post run
In the past few games of the FIFA series, if you want to score by corner kicks, most players are used to using near post run. There is a reason for this, because it is really effective. The point of this management is that you need your big man to run past their marks, or get themselves into a pocket of space, for which you need to develop some strategies.

What if the goalkeeper is moved?
When you want to run close and shoot, many players on FUT will choose to move the goalkeeper to a suitable position to stop you. But this is not very useful, because it is difficult for them to have the opportunity to get the ball directly. In fact, they did it, and the ball usually does not remain in the hands of the goalkeeper.
In this case, the ball usually falls on a player outside the penalty area because the goalkeeper will wave the ball. At this time, you can choose to kick the ball farther to create new opportunities, or try to shoot directly among a group of players.
Of course, you can also choose to pass the ball to the goalkeeper and then hand the ball to your defender. This is a viable option, but you need to mix it up. At this time you have a greater chance of scoring because the goalkeeper will not be able to make a save easily.

Create scoring opportunities through small teams
If no player in your team can pose a threat in the air, putting it in the penalty area is a waste of resources. You'd better put him in another position and be ready to make short bids at any time. You can then solve this problem while defending and pass the ball back to the teammate in the space at the edge of the penalty area. At this time, the opponent's defense is advancing outward and you will get a chance to Buy FUT Coins score.

Reasonable tactics
The number of players in the corner area is the key to formulating corner kick tactics. If most players are squeezed in the penalty area, then each player gets even less space. Even if the ball falls to the foot, it is difficult to have a chance to create effective goals.
Of course, there is another way to rule the penalty area in this situation, and that is to form a team of big players. In the final analysis, it all depends on your play style. You can also ask for help at UTnice. You can spend some money to buy cheap FIFA 22 Coins at UTnice, and then buy star players and legendary players in the transfer market. Players with high OVR will reduce your operating pressure to a certain extent.

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