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NBA 2K always slowly announces the scores of the best players before the scores of all players are announced, in order to observe the players' attitudes towards the game and attract players' attention. This is also the current NBA 2K22 video game franchise. Things to do. Until last Friday, no one knew the rating of Wizards guard Bradley Beal in NBA 2K22, but 2K22 MT everyone guessed that his rating would be lower than Damian Lillard's 94, which is currently among the top 10 players. The lowest score.

But Beal's actual rating may be lower than most Wizards fans think. The source of this news is a tweet posted by rapper Wale.

Wale complained on Twitter that Ronnie2K, also known as Ronnie Singh, the executive and spokesperson of the NBA 2K series, told him that Beal's score in NBA 2K22 was only 89, and he asked for a new count.

Playing along in what might have even been a planned rollout for this rating, Ronnie Singh, also known as Ronnie 2K, an exec and front-facing figure for the game, asked Beal his thoughts on the rating. Safe to say the star player of Wale's home team also wasn't pleased.

In fact, Beal may be dissatisfied with any score, unless he can enter the 99 club of NBA 2K, just like many other players. The top ten players who have announced their scores all believe that they deserve higher scores. Kevin Durant previously Buy MT 2K22 posted a video on Twitter explaining why he should be 99 points, but in the game his score is the same as LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Stephen Curry, both are 96 points. LeBron James's thinking is similar to Kevin Durant. He thinks Durant's performance is worthy of 99 points.

The top 10 players also include Kawhi Leonard, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid with 95 points, and Luka Doncic, James Harden and Lillard with 94 points. Beal may be the only player who has averaged more than 30 points per game in the past two seasons but has a rating below 90, although no one thinks that his rating should be in the top 10. Trae Young is also one of the people who think there is a problem with player ratings, and his ratings are the same as Beal. In any case, in the MyTeam mode of NBA 2K22, if you can get these top 10 high-rated players, your team's overall rating will also rise. Whether offensive or defensive, star players can give your team a great advantage. Welcome to UTnice to purchase NBA 2K22 MT after the game is released. This will be the main currency in the game, and you can use NBA 2K22 MT to buy the players you want in the auction house.

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