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Because each item has its own weight, the more items you have in your bags, the slower you move because you are carrying more weight.

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Your character is limited in terms of weight, which you can see at the top of your inventory. If you are carrying more weight than the allowed amount, you will be unable to run or dodge any attacks. Due to the fact that the combat system is based on dodging and running around, simply being within the weight limit can be fatal.

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Your items may break, but you will be able to buy new world coins to repair them. To repair an item, you must first have the necessary repair parts on hand. Then, right-click the item and select repair from the context menu. At the bottom of your inventory, you can see how many repair parts you have available for use.

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You can equip your character with heavy armor, a shield, and a sword to serve as a tank, to put it another way. Alternatively, you can choose to use a bow and leather to keep your enemies at bay with your superior ranged attack. If you are more comfortable as a support player, don't be discouraged. Simply purchase magical healing equipment that will increase the effectiveness of your healing spells. If you decide you'd like to try something different, you can simply change the specs of your build.

By salvaging equipment, you can obtain repair kits. Additional bag slots become available after reaching levels 30 and 45.

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