Leveling Up in the New World Fast by using 2 systems from Maxwell Dick's blog

Killing monsters and completing quests are required to level up. Equipment and consumables can be gained through gathering and crafting, as well. Simply look at the bottom of your screen, or press the letter "K," to see what level and experience progress you have made. Hovering your cursor over the bar at the bottom will reveal the numbers indicating how much progress you have. Increasing your level grants you an attribute point that can be spent on any of the characteristics listed. For weapons that can be fired from a distance, increased weapon damage. Damage dealt by melee weapons has been increased in this version. It has been determined that your magic attack has been enhanced. Increased mana and a reduction in the cooldown of abilities are two benefits of this upgrade. Increasing your health by a certain amount

You begin by buying new world coins in each of your character's attributes when he or she reaches level 1. You will gain one attribute point for every level you advance to. In light of this, there are a total of 71 points available for expenditure as a result of leveling. Aside from items and gems, there are other methods of gaining more attribute points. The sockets on some items are accessible through jewelry, allowing you to improve your attributes while using them. As soon as you reach 60 points in any attribute, it becomes pointless to try and get any further in the attribute.

It is possible to gain experience if you hit a mob at least once or engage in combat with him in some way. Due to the cheap new world coins's lack of a tagging system, you will gain full experience if you engage in combat with a mob that another player is engaged in combat with. Investment in your main stat attribute by the type of weapons you are using is the most effective thing you can do while leveling up quickly. In melee weapons, choose Strength or Dexterity; in ranged weapons, choose Dexterity or Strength, and so forth. Only if you are in poor health should you consider investing in Constitutional Law.

With the Standings system, you can advance to the next level. Similar to reputation systems in other MMOs, the more activities you participate in in a zone, the more standing points you earn. As soon as you have a sufficient number of them to raise your standing, you can use them to unlock special bonuses that are only applicable in that particular zone.

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