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As soon as Fallen Avatar was defeated, raid teams all over the world breathed a sigh of relief, only to discover that the final boss of the Tomb of Sargeras, when the dust settles, will provide an excellent opportunity to farm some classic wow gold. Kil'Jaeden, on the other hand, presented an even greater challenge. Many of his abilities were heal-intensive, and teams that weren't well-equipped found themselves dying over and over again to hard-hitting maenchis due to lack of preparation.

Many raid bosses from the The Burning Crusade expansion were virtually unbeatable due to a bug that existed at the time of their release, preventing even the most elite guilds from securing a kill. With that in mind, it's only fitting that Kil'Jaeden, and make some decent WoW Classic Gold or you can buy WoW Classic Gold if you prefer a faster way, a boss originally released in The Burning Crusade and re-released 10 years later in Legion, was bugged when he was re-released in the same expansion. Top teams discovered that the ability "Erupting Blaze" would frequently deal damage to players who were not directly affected by the ability, resulting in frequent wipes and excruciating frustration for all involved. The boss Kil'Jaeden was defeated on Mythic difficulty after Method had failed 654 times on the encounter.

Following widespread criticism, Blizzard has reversed its decision to reduce Shard of Domination set bonuses. World of Warcraft is a virtual world with its own currency, known as WoW Classic Gold. All of these games have fantastic soundtracks, but only players have complained that the nerfs were too harsh after they had successfully obtained the set bonuses they desired.

Blizzard has provided an update on the Shard of Domination set bonuses nerfs that will be included in the July 29 hotfix, stating that they will no longer be implementing the nerf that was announced two days ago. You can earn some decent WoW Classic Gold, or you can purchase WoW Classic Gold if you prefer a faster method.

The set bonuses nerfs were implemented without the release of an official hotfix, and players were surprised to discover that the set bonuses amounts had been reduced in-game. They were nerfed by a factor of 17 to 50%, with the Unholy set bonus taking the brunt of the nerf because it was the best performing SoD set bonus at the time.

Despite the fact that there was a lot of feedback on the PTR from players who expressed concern that the convoluted system would cause a lot of issues if it were implemented on the live servers, Blizzard did not appear to be paying attention to it. The system is highly dependent on chance, and a player may be unlucky with his or her loot drops, resulting in a DPS loss if another player manages to pick up a powerful Shard of Domination or a set bonus from multiple SoDs while the player is unlucky.

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