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Feedback is important.runescape 2007 gold  There are numerous instances of this OSRS team pitching an upgrade and the community basically reacting like"woah woah woah hold on, did you consider this ___". Turns out jagex did not think about mentioned thing, and the upgrade was better because of the neighborhood opinions (or would not have been good w/o it). These are the community long term jmods that are enjoyed by the general and community know their very good updates. They are still human and can not understand everything. If the same update were to happen in RS3, it would have gone in without the prospect of feedback, or simply ignored (though we've had cases of ignored feedback in OSRS, see prif/crystal armour and bh2) and the update would've stayed bad/dead/broken on birth. So feedback and them engaging and acting on comments is essential to OSRS.Perhaps they can present utensils kind of like the iron spit in Runescape match, then tie it into smithing. Hell, let's get a grill or BBQ going. It could be a fantastic incentive to a really use a flame you have made to cook instead of a range. A balance to it could be a burn opportunity. The only worry would be balancing the food meals for pvp. Completely agree. I feel like most skills have various paths you can choose (cheap and slow, expensive and fast) and many different methods. Runecrafting is indeed stagnate the xp prices are shithouse and never increase as you go high in levels. Yeah bloods are afk but nevertheless demotivating to even reach 77 and just cease for your dairies.

Nothing was said by me about upgrades being bad. They've done well with a lot. Hosidius growth is perhaps the update we've ever had in that respect. What I dislike is the concept of Jagex using OSRS instead of timeline in which they never screwed up RS2. I don't believe Runescape in its current state is like this, but things might change. They never anticipated OSRS becoming the"primary Runescape game" and surveys like this one make me unbelievably suspicious with what they have been planning behind closed doors for the years to come. I want to have the ability to play the Old School without worrying about the other RS3 fiasco, that we've always known and loved. Eventually one day nobody will be able to play Runescape ever again. Sucks to consider.

I hunted in thisI completely believe that the polling in OSRS should be removed. Nobody person speaks for all and when people simply vote or in to spite othrrs, we WILL NEVER get anything rewarding. This is why the devs need to decide to make quests and cont quest lines. I want skills that are new, I want this game to grow.

Polling lets the neckbeards that is maxed continue to deny new content into Runescape. The quantity of returning and new mid-high lvl players that they get will readily off-balance the vocal bank status minority they will lose for a month till they resub back again. RS3 is what happens without user polling. The community picking what goes in Runescape signifies the playerbase wanted something and Runescape will not be driven to the floor from updates that are aqful. One for all is the system you are currently proposing. Polling is the view of this userbase. It's everyone having a voice.

The very first question buy old school rs gold about frequently do I play this game, there should be a choice of,"I'm currently taking a rest " Sometimes I get burnt out. Which is fine. My main issue is I suck at this game. I'm 1600 complete but I'm not overly efficient or fight focused so I haven't bossed or done master quests. Therefore it did not give me an option to state I really don't know in regards to those queries. I put neutral which I presume throws off the ethics of the response. Additionally when you were talking about Jagex I didn't have any clue how to answer those questions. I don't know anything about Jagex out the OSRS team that I believe is a comparatively small part of your organization.

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