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Since this year’s Madden 22 is priced at $10 higher than previous Madden games, the price increase has also prompted players to have more expectations for Madden 22. If EA still fools the players with the old things, it is bound to receive strong dissatisfaction and complaints from thousands of players after they release Madden 22. After all, many players have prepared enough Madden 22 Coins and read a lot of real-time news, and they have spent a lot of effort on this.

Better AI. If a person has played enough games in Madden, they will know exactly what the artificial intelligence will do in every critical situation in every offline game. It sometimes makes the game feel predictable and eliminates a lot of intensity. Making artificial intelligence unpredictable may change the rules of the game. AI also makes poor decisions that ordinary players will never make. For example, computers wait too long to time out, and lose the game in the process.

Less running. The control when running the ball is very smooth and easy to control. This is great, but it makes too many online players rely on running the ball in every game. EA needs to make running a little harder to encourage players to pitch more. Anyone who watches the game with someone who refuses to throw the ball can attest how difficult it is to have fun.

New Commentators. Madden 17 introduces the first commentator change in the series in years. Before, it was Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. It’s been five years since Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis, and it’s time for the new duo to take over. If they add multiple commentator duos to keep the audio experience fresh, they can make Madden NFL 22 Coins even better.

The above is roughly a summary of the features players want EA to add to Madden 22. If these fantasies can really become reality by then, more people will be attracted to it. Faced with an increasingly fierce competitive environment, players also need to buy more Cheap Madden 22 Coins in order to maintain their strength steadily rising, and they have been taking the initiative in the game.

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