NBA 2K22 has successfully leaked some information from CSCCA's blog

2K Games will soon lay the red carpet for the grand opening of NBA 2K22. The premier basketball game will once again have some next-generation features, but we do already have some information about the new game. It’s a cool thing for players to dominate the court in NBA 2K with the players they bought for NBA 2K22 MT. Expectations surrounding NBA 2K22 have been slowly building up, because 2K Games has disclosed no information about the game, but it is quietly approaching that time of the year, and we should see new information soon. Speaking of news, we have seen some leaks about NBA 2K22, and we will review everything we have seen so far here.

Who is the cover athlete for each generation of sports games has always been a hot topic in any sports game, and 2K is no exception. The cover of NBA 2K is one of the most prestigious titles a player can get. Every year, 2K Games usually has multiple cover stars, and they all vary depending on the version of the game you buy. Last year, the Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard and the junior champion Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans became the cover players of different versions of 2K21. This year’s cover players may have leaked.

The leak came from 2KIntel on Twitter. They released the following pictures to support Kevin Durant, Karim Abdul-Jabbar and Dirk Nowitzki as the cover stars of this year. If the rumors are true, there seems to be signs that there will be three versions, of which KD will use the regular version. And Dirk Nowitzki and Karim will Buy NBA 2K22 MT.

Although the release date is still up in the air, they usually release each generation of NBA 2K in September, just before the start of the NBA season. The leaked image released by 2KIntel also pointed out that they will release the game on September 19, so we will have to wait for 2K Games to confirm on this date. In recent years, the preferred game mode of NBA 2K is undoubtedly MyCareer, because they have adjusted the player customization options many times, and the new pie chart has also resonated with fans.

This will once again become a big selling point for this year’s game, because we hope 2K Games can further fine-tune this game mode. However, we will have to wait to see if there will be news about MyCareer soon. Players can also go to GameMS to buy some reliable NBA 2K22 MT in advance to reserve, wait patiently!

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