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It's a busy moment for Diablo. It's been D2R Items a while since the launch of Immortal and recently, you've showcased some in Diablo 4. Rod as the director over the Diablo franchise, could you give us a temperature check on the Diablo franchise? Where are you at and what would you like it to be?

Rod Fergusson: I think it's never been a better time to be an Diablo fan and Diablo player. We have Diablo in play, it's been playing for 10 years, but even in its most recent season, Season 26. there are 150 million hours of gaming.

In reality, we've just passed over 65 million people that played Diablo. As of the month September we saw Diablo 2: Resurrected come back, and over five million players that came back to play D2:R, a PC game from the 21st century that now has been remastered and is now available on console as well.

Immortal has just been launched, which is our most exciting free-to play mobile experience. It has the potential to reach a many more players. It also reaches the 3 billion players who maybe only play on mobile. Also, having the free-to-play mobile app available where they are.

And no barrier to entry could mean that lots of more people are going to have the chance to play Diablo. Of sure, we'll be getting Diablo 4 coming really soon and it's just the cherry of that delicious sundae. We're looking forward to the feeling of returning to the dark side and the gloominess that Diablo 4 represents.

And Joe, for you [as director of Diablo 4], there was a gradual build-up of momentum, and now you're the next stage in the one-two punch of Diablo coming back. What's it like to be aware of your job and does it come with a lot of pressure? How do you cope with that?

Joe Shely: Well, it's been really exciting playing with the game and sharing the game with you. I'm always thinking "Okay, don't discuss the Necromancer. It's not the moment to talk about the Necromancer yet." So I'm extremely thrilled to be able speak about buy D2R Ladder Items the Necromancer.

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