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Israel is a very unique place merging so many cultures, having a local licensed tour guide in Israel is the best way to experience the holy land and enjoy the full package of emotions and correct information, by booking private guided tours in Israel with a luxury licensed car, you will get the full attention in your own luxury car according to your needs and requests without rushing after a full bus of strangers.

Guided Tours in Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Galilee, Golan Heights, Haifa, Jaffa, Safed, acre, and many more)Individual and unique itineraries tailor-made for each and every client to order, author's private guided tours with a professional guide in Israel. Once I made "Aliya" in the late 80' with my parents, I fell in love with Israel and would like to share my special moments and knowledge with my guests, organizing and conducting tours of this wonderful country, the land of the forefathers, the Torah and the New Testament, the Scriptures and the prophets, a place where the past, present, and future are intertwined in an amazing way.

I invite you to the most amazing city in the world-Jerusalem and the most vibe city in the world - Tel Aviv, the Galilee with the amazing nature and the secrets of Dead sea, Haifa with its remarkable gardens and the Golan Heights with heritage stories, cheese, and wineries, where centuries are mixed, legends and miracles that continue to happen till this day.

You have probably visited many amazing locations in the world, visited different countries and cities, but I think this small place will amaze you! I invite you to travel and enjoy the most unique guided tours in Israel that I provide and you will be able to experience a great journey with your family, love one, or in a small group.

We are living in very dynamic times, and so busy in our own everyday tasks and sometimes a vacation can be a pleasant surprise especially after an event like COVID-19, where to go? what to visit? how much time and money to spend?. Don't worry, just contact a professional tour guide in Israel and I will organize your time properly during my guided tours in Israel which will be suitable for you will be selected based on your time in the country, age, financial capabilities, and wishes.this is the uniqueness of my author's programs.

It doesn't matter what purpose brought you to Israel: business trip, vacation, treatment, study … After all, it is impossible to visit Israel without going on guided tours in Israel and walks, which I will be more than happy to make. And you will not miss the opportunity to get new and fresh impressions, look around, take a deep breath of the air of the Promised Land, and make a journey of a lifetime.

By contacting me, a private tour guide in Israel providing guided tours in Israel, you will see and feel the atmosphere of Israel. We will climb the ancient walls and go underground, rush to the observation platforms and plunge into the saltiest sea on Earth, take a bath in the waters of the Jordan and taste the fish of St. Peter ... for beginners, I offer guided tours in Israel for everybody. Tour programs designed to visit Holy places for pilgrims, nature lovers, and unorthodox people. Assistance in organizing bar mitzvahs, baptisms, and weddings. And for fans of Israel, I will offer new not touristic locations and interesting routes through wineries, farms, archaeological national parks, boat trips.

Israel is waiting for you! Contact me and I will provide the best guided tours in Israel and take care of you from A to Z, I will plan your journey according to your needs, interests,and budget, together we will make a lifetime experience that you will never forget.

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