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The 20th anniversary of Runescape is coming soon, do you know? Regularly update the game, players can play for free and protect the security of player accounts. Jagex this MMO game has never fallen behind in the game industry for its creativity, and the charm of festival activities is praised by people. Every year you can see players with holiday makeup, props, and different holiday themes to celebrate Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

Among all the festival activities in the 20-year history of Runescape, there is a cosmetic worth billion of game coins: the humble party hat. Although it was of no use, it was even called a junk item by Mark Ogilvie, the design director of Runescape, which eventually exceeded the maximum number of gold coins that can be traded in the game.

Twenty years ago, in 2001, the then-Runescape designers Andrew and Paul Gower logged on to servers all over the world and went to popular areas around Gielinor, hoping to surprise players at Christmas. They designed to drop Christmas firecrackers for players to collect. Christmas firecrackers often contain a worn-out paper party hat and some trinkets, which are not much different from the ones in Runescape; a colorful party hat that a player can wear, and a relatively valuable item such as silver bars or gold. Rings, gold, etc. may appear in the cookies.

When two people pull a firecracker together, one person will get a silly little party hat. Maybe you don't want it at all, but you can wear it on your head and run around to celebrate Christmas. Another person will get valuable or semi-value items, they will not get a hat, they will be very happy to get valuable things, such as gold or other props.

Therefore, most players may even forget the party hats stored in their game bank. Because you wear a party hat without any return. It's not like you can Buy Runescape Gold by paying. These are like tattered hats made of paper towels, which hardly fit your head. However, Ogilvie rejected many revision suggestions from the artist. Do you like this expensive "junk" now?

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