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You can see the requirements of Lost Ark Gold every stronghold upgrade through selecting "All Research" in the drop-down menu above the Lab UI. To view workshops, uncheck the "View Craftable" box to see every recipe.

Like your characters, strongholds also have a certain level of their own. The way to earn XP for strongholds is the process of making use of your stronghold. Crafting, researching, and the sending of crew members to expeditions all provide stronghold XP. By far the best way to upgrade your stronghold is by completing station missions and ensuring that your station is active every time you play Lost Ark.

We've covered the essentials of your stronghold so far however, your player house can offer even more items and services with a sufficient investment. Let's take a quick look at some aspects that are available in your stronghold as you boost its level and complete specific research projects.

Trade merchants are temporary retailers which offer unique products. They can convert seals from missions for rare supplies, craft recipes, collectible items, as well as new crew members for your vessel. Vendors come and go outside your stronghold. Be certain to visit your stronghold every day to see what's available.

Upon completing the "A Verdant Country" cheapest Lost Ark Gold quest in your stronghold, you'll unlock a portal that will take you to a resource farm within your stronghold. This island will grow the materials you can trade for skills to harvest daily, but there's a significant caveat that you can't trade or sell the materials you've earned from the farm. You are only able to use them to make crafts. It also has unique resources to create chest bundles within your workshop. Crafted items made with these resources are able to exchanged with fellow players.

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