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Helen Green
Helen Green Sep 20
There is a wide variety of toys that you can safely purchase for an unforgettable sexual adventure. But I am inexperienced in this and I would like to ask you... what would you recommend to a beginner? What is the best accessory for bdsm to buy for the first time?
Max Velin
Max Velin Sep 20
What about the harness? This bondage gadget is a tourniquet worn around the chest. It is designed to make your partner more tangible and controllable, as the harness takes on a restraining and packing function. You can purchase it at https://besexstore.com/bondage-restraints/bdsm-harness/bdsm-body-harness/. There are various straps and eyelets on the harness, so it can also be used to tie your partner to it.
Mark Bartra
Mark Bartra Sep 20
Try to torture and bring pleasure with a pen. Thus, punishment and reward can alternate, so there are exciting ups and downs in the game. After the hardness, a nice change in the shape of the caressing feather comes into play. Only to then take dominating action again.