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With the end of the International Museum Day of “International Zoological Museum: New Horizons”, it will hold the longest event in June. That’s right: this is the wedding season.

“Wedding Season” will provide players with some interesting photos with Cyrus and Reese characters, but there are still very few specific details about what the event may provide to players. So far, we have known all this. If players want to get other gifts in the event, they need to buy Animal Crossing Bells in exchange.

Animal Crossing New Horizons players can expect that the wedding season will begin on June 1, 2020. This seems to be the only wedding held in June. Like any event, the event will not open until 5 am, but players can visit Harv’s Island as long as they participate.

The event will continue until June 30, 2020, which means you have a full month to view it, so do n’t worry. The wedding season is by far the longest event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, although the services provided do not seem to be as important as major repairs such as the “Rabbit Festival”.

Nintendo’s official description of the competition in the press: “During June, the theme of the wedding, players can visit Harvey’s island, meet married couples Reese and Cyrus, and help them arrange and Take an anniversary photo. “Release notes. Basically, instead of using a normal studio, players will take some wedding-themed photos on Harv’s Island in June.

As of now, Reese and Cyrus seem to be the only participants, although other couples may also want to take pictures themselves. But consider brief events like “May Day” or “International Museum Day”, although this is a long event. After the event starts, the post will be updated and we will have a better understanding of what I expect.

The above press release said: “Players will receive wedding-themed items as a thank you.” Although we do not have a complete list of these items, we can safely say that those shown in the trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons The items that appear in “Wedding Season” are all available.

These include wedding dresses and suits, bouquets, new wallpapers, wedding-themed carpets and benches. Whether you plan to hold a wedding in Animal Crossing, or just want to buy some beautiful new flower-themed furniture, you will definitely take the time to check out the “Wedding Season” event. Buying this furniture will cost some bells, if you do n’t have enough bells, you can go to the website to buy, so you can better take part in the wedding ceremony activities. At:

With the advent of the Alliance of the Final Exile Alliance expansion, the golden age of POE melee construction has its mark. Most melee skills will get large to moderate gains, which makes them very absurdly suitable for anything you actually want to do in Blight. The transition to melee is very good, because novices or experts will build many solid melee versions of Blight, and novices or experts can do it. In this article, we will show the top path of exile melee buildings that currently stand out among all other buildings, because these buildings are often the best and strongest in terms of typical survivability, damage, and defense capabilities.

What is the best microtransaction? It may be the money you do not need to pay, or it may be the money you get from the loot box. However, the actual answer is POE Items Buy, if you use the path of exile, that is.

Grinding Gear Games released a list of the most popular microtransactions, sorted by their contribution to overall sales rather than the number of purchases. The top of the armor list is the hell armor set. Its advantage is that it can be sold for five years, and it is still an absolute favorite in the community when it is launched.

There is a theme in most categories, such as "wing" is very popular in the rear-mounted device, and celestial bodies and hell equipment are also very popular in general. For weapons and shields, "flashy" is the name of the game, and people prefer the "relatively simple effect" of the portal. There is even a list of categories for hiding tags, hidden objects, and other microtransactions (such as skin transfers and character slots).

If you are a fan of "Path of Exile", it may be nice to check the list and determine whether your preferences follow the most popular trends, or whether you tend to deviate from established norms. Me, I hate to look like everyone else, so I may be one of the people wearing the second or third layer of popularity, but at least I will never be trapped by the green rabbit suit.

Grinding Gear Games called on Spock to help solve some of the technical problems in The Path of Exile. No, wait-he is Vulcan, GGG is using Vulkan, a new renderer that will provide "more stable performance than DirectX 11, especially under high CPU load." Make beautiful gestures?

Although the path of exile is not perfect yet, it does not affect the player's love for it. The fun of players in the game is something we cannot ignore. Another point is the influence of the poe currency. More and more players have great interest in Buy POE Currency,which can improve their skills in the game. I believe that with the step-by-step expansion, the best results will be achieved.

Animal Crossing: There is no doubt that New Horizons occupied the entire world in early 2020, but recently, another iteration of the Life Simulator has been lighting up my social media feed. Mobile-derived product "Animal Crossing": Pocket Camp and Nintendo Switch games broke out at the same time-and increased visibility, which helps highlight the deficiencies of "New Horizons" in many aspects.

Pocket Camp has been released for more than two years and has been expanded, which may be an unfair comparison. When it came out, many people were dissatisfied with the dirty animal crossing experience and microtransactions provided by Pocket Camp.

Players who are still enjoying Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells told Polygon that these aspects have not yet completely changed in 2020. But to some extent, the fact that mobile games bring it to the desktop balances this fact.

The furniture sets and decorations are cute, which makes me jealous as a player of the "New Horizons" game, from which he got the "advanced" experience. What makes us envious is that Pocket Camp has worked harder to integrate these items into its world. In contrast, New Horizons feels more static.

She continued: "Pocket Camp gives objects a specific animation and purpose," she pointed out that one of her favorite sequences is to see villagers dancing with Gyroid, and there are few such characters in New Horizons.

The editor and former colleague Laura Hudson said: "When you start a new horizon, you have a storage limit of 80 projects, which can be gradually expanded to 1,600 projects, although doing so may take tens of hours and Millions of bells. "In contrast, Pocket Camp will provide you with more storage space and then expand it to 3,000 spaces.

A large number of items are specifically designed to entice you to spend money, which usually sounds shady, but Pocket Camp designers make these suits worth the money.

Hudson told Polygon: "The emergence of new content is normal." Hudson said. She continued: "I don't hate this at all. I don't mind paying fees or buying some items at once. These can keep my game alive."

Where "New Horizons" slowly introduces new features and new items, Pocket Camp gives you more freedom, allowing you to make exactly what you want when you need it, because you may consider certain Purchased a set of things instead of relying on the god of opportunity. The two games are perfectly at this point. Players buy animal bells to better invest in the game. Trading on a secure platform will make them more comfortable in the game.

The notification lights up my phone screen. A panic enveloped me. It is not the mobile phone news that attracts attention, but the time. It is now 11:56 pm Panic turns to dull resignation.

"Damn it, Daniel." I told myself. "You forgot to water the plants."

Not an actual factory, not a virtual factory. On my animal crossing the island. I tried to use Nook miles Ticket to improve my Star of the Island rating, and spent a few hours earlier this week organizing various monuments, lining the beach with tropical coconut trees, and decorating the highlands with bushes and flowers.

As long as there is enough space for the bushes, they will grow fast, the flowers are different, and they need to be watered every day to ensure growth. Even if you do not play animal crossing, I believe you have heard a lot of information about it. The Switch game sold 13 million copies in just six weeks. This is a cartoon-style life simulator that can take you to a desolate island and let you turn it into paradise.

People who have never played through animals, it is difficult to experience the fun in the game. The main content of the game is to cut wood, dig stones and make this kind of labor by hand. It is relaxed, but the ultimate goal is still challenging. It was released on March 20, and it happened to be a coronavirus pandemic, a perfect game to help people break away from reality. There are no opposing stories or complicated mechanisms. New Horizons is a step back in time, but it is also very simple.

If you are a person who likes to play a game for a long time, then New Horizons is your best choice. If you want to play multiple games at once and waste game time by reading or guzzling to watch, it will be a nightmare.

A colorful, cheerful dream night, replaced an aggressive raccoon named Tom Nook with the freaky Freddy Kruger monster. But it was still a nightmare.

Animal crossing does not really end. At some point, you will receive an island rating (1 star) and be responsible for making improvements to attract more villagers. Therefore, you can get a five-star island with the highest level in that level, but does that mean you won Animal Crossing? I do not know.

In some ways, it is not actually a game, but more like a carving exercise. Buy animal crossing bells will provide you with a large amount of clay (sometimes literally) and a set of tools. Then, it allows you to do whatever you want, you can go to the store to buy the items you need.At:

In the offseason, the New York Giants will return to Saquon Barkley to use his time at home wisely and generously. He will continue to do his best to give back to the community and will now pair with another young NFL star to benefit local small businesses. This generous behavior is like the auxiliary role of MUT Coins in the game, providing players with benefits.

Barkley and former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa were selected by the Miami Dolphins as the fifth in this year's NFL draft and will compete with Madden 20 To support local companies affected by COVID-19.

"Pay It Forward Live" is a weekly live entertainment program to support small businesses affected by the epidemic. It will be held with New York giants Saquon Barkley and Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa on Tuesday, May 26 at EA Sports Madden NFL 20 Fight, the event will be broadcast live at 8:00 pm. Pacific Time ET / 5:00 pm on Twitter @ Verizon, Twitch, Yahoo, Verizon Facebook page and Fios Channel 501. One week after the live broadcast, the event will take place on Verizon's platform.

 During the competition, Barkley and Tagovailoa will share and support their favorite local businesses, interact with fans, and create a small business-themed gaming experience, while encouraging viewers to visit GameMS to do their best to support local businesses, such as online Shopping, buying gift cards or ordering food.

Tagovailoa said: "Local businesses are very important to me and my family. Now, they need our support more than ever." "I am very happy to work with Verizon and Saquon to not only help but also provide Home brings some football! "

The NFL team has been approved and can start returning to their facility based on where they are, but the Giants will obviously not be approved soon.

California, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Virginia are still under strict restrictions. Among those states that cannot use their facilities, there are 12 concessions immediately .

Many teams approved to reopen last week chose not to participate (Packers, Crows, Dolphins, Vikings, Titans, Pirates, Browns, Black Panthers, Saints, Eagles), and Other teams chose opportunities (Cowboys, Falcons, Texans), Cardinals, Bengalis, Chiefs, Colts).

I believe their participation will make this project more popular, and it also promotes the consumption of local enterprises. When players visit GameMS, they will buy MUT 20 Coins to improve their skills. This is the best of both worlds.
For some time in the past, I was ashamed of my Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I call it "severe stress" and "patient exercise". The hatred of Animal Crossing: New Horizons last week should have been reported because I was defrauded of $ 30.

There is a little background: I have not donated a fish to Blathers. I prefer to sell the captured bugs for some Nook miles Ticket, so it took longer to unlock the museum. As a result, some friends, including some of my dear Kotaku colleagues, mocked me and I "probably" felt "bad" for Animal Crossing.

A friend of mine took things further. He condemned "New Horizons" as a "easy game" and claimed that he could open the museum in a day. It is impossible to travel without time, right? I called him bluff and made a bet. If he gets a copy of "New Horizons" and successfully opens the museum within 24 hours, I will share the cost of his game. If this is not the case, he just spent 60 bucks in a game.

There are some refinements in the terms, but we soon came up with seemingly specific content: "Tomorrow at 8:00 PM, I will have a museum on the island." The only thing said about the game is a variant of "This game looks bad" or "I didn't buy the game".)

Then he turned on the switch nervously, and I was ready to gloat, but the scene in front of me surprised me. He had an emerging island community, Nook ’s Cranny opened for business, a bridge across the East River, a resident moved in, and two People are on the way. His house has been upgraded twice.

Actually he has been playing this game for a while. Some time ago, I created an account on his Switch. Recently, when shopping for new games on Nintendo eShop, he found that Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not have a "Buy Now" button. It is a "redownload" button. He was able to use his account to do this without any problems.

All of this contradicts many of Nintendo's claims about storing data in "New Horizons." In February, before the game was released, fans were uneasy about the news that New Horizons only supports one island in each Switch. You can create separate houses on the island (up to eight, depending on how many accounts are on a given console), but if you want a second island, you need a second Switch – logically speaking, The second copy of the animal hybrid: New Horizons.

Of course, most people do not have multiple switches available. But for those who do this, knowing that you only need to purchase a digital copy of the game should be a little comforting. You can go to a safe and private store to buy the items you need, so you don’t have to worry about some things in the game. At:

The only problem with every attack is which gap the defender will hit. This philosophy completely subverts the passing happiness of today's NFL. "Madden 20" cover player Patrick Mahomes has just won the Super Bowl by throwing a bomb. However, this is obviously a strategy that can win the "Best-Best" Super Bowl. In the madden 20 game, MUT Coins is a weapon that allows us to show the "best" side.

Last Saturday, Raidel "Joke" Brito won the 2020 Madden Bowl, the last game of EA Sports' "Maden 20" championship series, with a prize of $ 65,000. He did it without even throwing the ball into the air. Every offensive game begins with the transfer of the Hall of Fame to Gale Sayers, one of the former players in the game.

A competitive game with such a high prize money may sound ridiculous, but, as Brito explained to Yahoo Sports, the game's mechanics changed the only running strategy into a winning strategy, increasing the intensity of practice. Brito's strategy is to balance the roster structure and make the game friendly, and each team needs to spend a lot of money.

Usually, players will invest a lot of money in the quarterback. Brito took the opposite route. He rotated between two QBs, the Washington Redskins pitcher Tress Way and the former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Manning is the quarterback, but Brito says he uses the worst and cheapest version.

As Brito pointed out, he is not the only one using this strategy. This is a well-known possibility in the highly competitive "Blasting" community. He used a similar script in the tournament, and there were five other players, but he was the only one who made it work after recently turning the meta game to pass.

Brito said: "In the last game, everyone thought it was a valuable choice." "I remember ... when EA dispatched all competitors of all teams, many people saw my team They are actually laughing at me and saying that I am one of the worst teams.

"I remember a good friend of mine saying, 'I can't believe you did that, it's too bad.' I told him that I will score enough points." When you see Brito's defense, you will find him That's right. When we are in a weak position, we can use Buy MUT Coins to reverse the situation. It will let you show your ability in the game and you will no longer be laughed at.

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