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Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, said that the next-generation quality of NBA 2K21 is enough to justify its $70 price tag, but the future game price may still be $60.

For several months, the price of the next-generation NBA 2K21 MT and games has been a topic of debate and speculation, and consumers are worried that the price of games will rise sharply. The price increase is not the first time in the history of the industry, but the $60 cost of the new standard edition has become people's expectations and standards.

However, according to Phil Spencer, neither Microsoft nor Sony revealed the price of Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. Following the same line of thinking, video game developers are basically silent about the possibility of price increases for next-generation games. , The player will determine the price of the next-generation game through purchase (or purchase). In any case, without services like Xbox Game Pass, consumers will be forced to buy any game they want to play at the full retail price, unless they wait months or years after the release to lower the price.

However, with the development of next-generation technology, reported that Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, said the next-generation quality of NBA 2K21 justified the price of $70. Zelnick believes: "For a long time, the prices of first-line titles have not risen. Although they are expensive, the cost of manufacturing these titles is very high." The CEO continued to explain that gamers can only use next-generation consoles To get some experience, which proves that the price increase of NBA 2K21 is reasonable. However, Zelnick also clarified in Take-Two's first-quarter earnings conference call that the company will determine that the prices of next-generation games will be dealt with "title by title."

Although the price of the next generation cannot be guaranteed, the price of the main game may rise. Although companies such as Ubisoft claim that the prices of next-generation games will not increase significantly, this does not prevent them from increasing prices in the future. Consumers need to keep in mind that these companies are still profit-making organizations, and their expenditures are the main factor in determining the retail price of games so that they can earn revenue and therefore profit. If the price rises, it may be more difficult to obtain NBA 2K21 MT in the game. Most players will choose to Buy NBA 2K21 MT from the online store, which will save time.

In the Path of Exile Harvest, after collecting seeds, players will be able to plant seeds in the holy bush, thus introducing an agricultural element to the game. Although the seeds may be scattered on the ground at will, building a farm that collects the most life energy from the seeds in the most efficient manner possible is the key to getting POE Currency faster.

Once the monster matures, seeds will also be produced, and rare seeds will bring bigger beasts, which will drop better loot. The seeds dropped by level 3 monsters can also bring special boss encounters. The preview also hinted at a difficult rare boss, which the player may be able to use.

The harvest includes 12 new unique items, some of which are alliance rewards. When discussing several of these issues with Wilson, he pointed out that a lot of content has been added to help define the player's personal style, and unconventional methods are often used to balance them. Wilson used Doryana's Prototype (an item that allows enemies to share lightning resistance with the player) as an example, and pointed out that reducing the player's own defense may have some positive benefits.

When discussing other balance changes in Path of Exile, Wilson pointed out that the team had put in a tremendous effort to rebalance the two-handed melee weapons. Despite the clichés of their role as a heavy-hit but slowly swinging short-range weapon, the folks at Grinding Gear Games reclassified several skills as Slam, and they did a balanced rework to make them both competitive and useful to players. Attractive. For example, "Constructing the Grand Slam" not only gained new visual effects, but also improved in a number of key ways to make it more effective.

Now, the amount of endurance costs for constructing Slam has been reduced, and only one cost is eliminated every three uses. The game will include an auxiliary gem called "Fist of War", which allows the spirit to slam with the player to produce greater damage and range of influence.

There will also be four new "War Cry Skills" that have been improved to make them more powerful. They will no longer scale based on how many enemies are nearby, but will exist relative to the strength of nearby enemies. This means that Buy POE Items will be more effective when dealing with stronger monsters. In these new Warcry skills, Seismic Cry can push enemies back and taunt them.

Game Haus will analyze Madden's blackjack player scores for each NFL team. Madden's difficult task is to score all NFL players and their attributes. Although they can fix some of these rankings through the MUT 21 Coins update, there are still some problems with the first ranking of some players. This is suspicious for the score of "Las Vegas Raiders 21".

Last season, Tyler Williams (Tyrell Williams) was promoted after being released by the Raiders (Antonio Brown). Williams played his role well, and head coach John Gruden (John Gruden) tried to figure out the offense. Derrick Carr's poor quarterback game undoubtedly slowed Williams. This also led the Raiders to rely on rookie guard Josh Jacobs. Even if his offense is limited by offense, Williams has provided reliable data. Last season, he completed the game with 651 yards on 42 catches and added 6 touchdowns.

Last season, the Rams receiver Brandin Cooks (Brandin Cooks) received the exact same number of balls, but only 583 yards higher and two touchdowns. Cooks did struggle because of the injury, but still got the same opportunity as Williams. Cooks' statistics earned him an overall score of 85. Although his speed helps you, you can't exclude the statistics.

Nick Kwiatkoski was out last year, and his defense against the star-studded Bears shined. He took over after injury to defender Danny Trevathan in the ninth week. Kwiatkoski's high athletic style caused an immediate sensation. In the eight games he participated in, Kwiatkoski scored 68 tackles, including 8 losses. He also added three sacks and an interceptor. If you extrapolate these numbers throughout the 16 game seasons, Kwiatkoski will complete the game with 136 tackles, six sacks and two interceptions.

Bill's central advocate, Matt Milano, also performed well last year. He scored 100 teams and 1.5 bags in 15 games. It was a good season, but nothing special. Milan’s overall rating is 79, which is very high considering its data. Facts have proved that Kovicoski is a very talented star potential player and deserves a higher evaluation than him. In Madden 21, players who want to achieve their ideal goals can buy madden 21 coins to help you achieve your goals quickly.


Matthias Brückle at 12:35 PM on July 3, 2020-In Path of Exile, the first major patch has been live since the launch of Harvest. Among other things, developers use POE Currency to solve certain process problems and implement various convenient functions. In the store, you can also get a surprise box for free!

The current Harvest of the Way of Exile Alliance focuses more on crafts than other alliances: in the sacred bush, we plant plants, defeat monsters during the harvest, and then obtain special craft choices. So far, these games have been disappointing in the endgame, and some players have lost their desire for the path of exile. The developers admitted that they made a mistake here, but this bug has been fixed in update 3.11.1. Patches for the console version will be released in the week from July 6th to 10th.

Matthias Brückle at 12:35 PM on July 3, 2020-In Path of Exile, the first major patch has been live since the launch of Harvest. Among other things, developers use it to solve certain process problems and implement various convenient functions. In the store, you can also get a surprise box for free!

The current Path of Exile Harvest Alliance focuses more on crafts than other alliances: in the sacred bush, we plant plants, defeat monsters during the harvest, and then obtain special craft choices. So far, these games have been disappointing in the endgame, and some players have lost their desire for the path of exile. The developers admitted that they made a mistake here, but this bug has been fixed in update 3.11.1. Patches for the console version will be released in the week from July 6th to 10th.

Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Heart of Grove Now monsters and bosses have a chance to drop a new, plantable "seed" based on their rarity. Buy POE Currency can plant seeds in the sacred bushes and give them more characteristics at harvest, thereby affecting the seeds planted in the area.

The Madden 21 rating has been released for a few weeks. We have broken down the ranking of each former Alabama player in the latest version of the popular video game. But what will the starting lineup be composed of only the outstanding figures of the Crimson Tide? Can these star lineups be obtained by using MUT 21 Coins? Is the Super Bowl good enough? Well, you become a judge.

To be sure: In a game like Madden 21, there are not many college football courses that can place the starting point of the entire football on both sides of the football. Moreover, even though some former players (such as Dont'a Hightower, Chance Warmack and Andre Smith) opted out, the Crimson Tide is still the most in the league.

Therefore, without further ado, this is your all-Alabama Madden 21 starting lineup. Tua Tagovailoa's "crazy" rating may not be high right now, but don't expect it to continue. This is the one Tide fans want to lead their virtual franchise.

Tagovailoa (Tagovailoa) is a rookie in the game, this will be a very happy thing, he will have an excellent ball handler. Derrick Henry was named the second best runner.

Julio Jones did not score 99 points. This is a crime, but he is still the real WR1 for you to use. The scary thing about opposing defense is that WR2 will not fall behind. Are there any other college football courses where two previous receivers scored 90 points or more on Madden 21? No, there are not even programs like Ohio State University and LSU. In fact, if we want to do well in every aspect of the game, we have to buy madden coins, which allows us to minimize our mistakes.


Grinding Gear Games has confirmed that the announced Mac version of "Path of Exile" will be released in September 2020. It will be released with the September expansion of the action role-playing game. The Mac OS version will rely on POE Currency, which is likely to make its Beta stage behind.

The developers planned another annual plan: "Our development cycle usually takes 13 weeks, and during this time we publish an expansion every season. The expansion takes place in March, June, September and December. Expansion due to harvest requires 14 weeks. This means that it will happen later in the month. This may be good for the September extension, but the December extension can be Dangerous Christmas.

September 3.12 will be released 12 weeks after the Harvest expansion. This is a larger alliance than Harvest, so we have to start this expansion about a month ago, but we firmly believe that this time window can be successfully launched. This also means that if all goes well, our December expansion can start early and leave more space before the holidays. "

As announced during Exile Con last November, the Path of Exile will have the right to use a specific macOS version that will utilize the Vulkan rendering engine. "Grinding Gear Games" will now be released next September.

The September extended version also provides a macOS version of "Path of Exile". The hack'n slash game is still one of the most popular free games today (especially on Steam) since it was launched 7 years ago, and the New Zealanders of Grinding Gear Games are among the best. Can be used for many years: it will soon be used on mobile phones and tablets, while "Path of Exile 2" is still under development, Buy POE Items will bring a new scene spanning seven acts.

As the 2020 NFL season approaches, according to the ratings given by Madden 21, the following are the top 5 players of the Atlanta Falcons??. These players may be added to the game depending on the situation, and Madden 21 Coins can be easily obtained.

Since it will be done every year before the start of the upcoming season, Madden 21 recently released a complete list of players entering the new NFL year, including the full list of the Atlanta Falcons, as they hope to rebound in the 2020 campaign. real life.

Lamar Jackson is the cover player on the cover of Madden 21 this year, and the game will be released on August 25 to get them excited and prepare for the actual football game.

Among the 99 clubs awarded by Madden, five NFL players are elite, including the Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Danold, the Carolina Panthers ran back to Christian McCaffrey, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahoms and New England Patriots guard Stephen Gilmore.

That is a different group of superstars in the entire league, it is hard to say that they should be distinguished from EA Sports. No Falcons players managed to enter the exclusive 99 club, but two players scored 90 points or higher, while eight players in Atlanta scored 80 points or higher.

Before the official release of the real version of NFL football later this calendar year, let us take a deeper look at his ranking of the top Falcon players on Madden 21, and then release the virtual version of the game to the public in August. As for those star roles, they will be released at that time. Similarly, as long as buy mut coins these skills will belong to you.


There is no doubt that fans of RPG games will keep in mind the release date of "Path of Exile 2" until it is revealed. We are no stranger to Grinding Gear Games’ launch of a digital path of exile update. GGG has done an excellent job, filling PoE with new content, and can keep the game fresh with new challenge alliances, POE Currency and skill tree updates.

Usually, this New Zealand-based developer keeps up with new expansions every three months, which is very impressive. But major updates like "Path of Exile 2" are exciting. GGG has the opportunity to make even greater changes, which will truly change the game landscape. We also need to get breathtaking stories and create new classes to create PoE.

However, because all kinds of information are scattered on the Internet, paying attention to the new version may require a lot of work. To simplify the process, we will summarize all the known information here. Therefore, we discovered the release date, beta version, gameplay and other content of "Path of Exile 2".

The release date of "Path of Exile 2" is 2021. Due to the pandemic, the game’s release time has been postponed, and Path of Exile 2 won. I cannot participate in the competition this year.

The new exile will be given a new set of promotional categories to choose from 19 different options in buy POE items campaign. We will also get an advanced skill system that will allow you to directly add auxiliary stones to the skill stones, making it easier to build your character while retaining the previous depth.

Naturally, there are many new devices, and the developer says on the official website: "The entire process of armor and weapons has been redone from start to finish." (Of course, all microtransactions you purchase will be retained)



2K is stepping up the game this year-this new NBA game takes the next generation of hardware into consideration. There is still a lot to announce about NBA 2K21, but the details currently known are surprising. In the meantime, let's take a look and see what we know. We are happy to know that NBA 2K21 will be launched on Friday, September 4th, less than two months away from you. I heard that the role of NBA 2K21 MT may become more and more important, but this will not be determined until the day of release.

Due to the current pandemic situation and its impact on the game world, we are surprised that 2K can be released on time and at a convenient time. NBA 2K21 is the first game in the series designed for the next generation, so the price will be Raised to $70, this may become the new standard for similar games. However, the current standard version of the game is priced at $59.99.

The price of Mamba Forever Edition is $99.99. However, you may not have certain features. If you make changes, the progress of MyTEAM will be passed on to the next-generation Mamba Forever version, allowing players to play the current version of NBA 2K21 on the day of release, but will also include the next-generation version to be released. During the 2020 holiday period, it contains many advanced features.

Damian Lillard, Zion Williamson and Kobe Bryant will pay tribute to the trio on the cover of NBA 2K21.

 The cover of the next-generation standard edition will be Zion Williamson. Kobe Bryant will become the star of NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition. Later players of these star roles can be obtained through 2K20 MT to form their own ultimate team.

The newest league of Path of Exile is characterized by planting monsters in the garden, and then collecting their lives for sweet, sweet rewards.

The free ARPG Path of Exile was first released in 2013. It is in a dark and terrifying fantasy world full of monsters, undead and hostile wildlife. Like the other ARPGs that inspired it (such as Diablo 2), players will explore randomly generated maps, kill hordes of enemies, and collect armor, POE Currency and various other items for the entire army. The Path of Exile can be played alone or together.

Path of Exile has undergone many updates. Path of Exile: Harvest has added a new sacred forest, which is an unfamiliar area by mystery. In this forest, players plant seeds, which will sprout monsters that can be collected to sustain life.

As they roam the world, players will see glowing blue roots pointing them in the direction of the seed cache. After the player clicks on the seed cache, three things will happen. First, it will discard certain types of seeds. Secondly, Oshabi will appear next to the gateway to the Sacred Grove. Third, if the player has planted seeds before, he will double the growth cycle. For example, most level 1 seeds require three growth cycles to fully mature, which means that since planting, players will have to interact with three seed storage areas. This is no big deal, because during the league, as the player progresses through the ten moves of the game, the seed store can be found in most areas.

To collect seeds, the player must have a collector and at least be prepared to harvest eight seeds in the collection area. By clicking on the collector, the player can have a few seconds of preparation time before it displays the snack seeds. By defeating them, the collector gathered his own life force. Different seeds sprouted different monsters, which changed the effects available in the crafting system. Monsters will also drop higher-level objects and sometimes seeds. It is important to note that there are two kinds of vitality. Regular vitality can only create or create unfamiliar objects, such as other collectors and pylons, while concentrated vitality can grow higher-level seeds and can be stored in storage tanks.

Different seeds have different vitality. High-level seeds need different types of vitality to grow, so buy poe items is needed.  Place the diffuser near the seeds to be fertilized, connect it to the rack, and then connect the rack to the correct collector type. Fight these monsters, the next seed level may drop. There will be high-level seeds and bosses, and eventually a strong ultimate boss will be formed. The Path of exile proved that it is possible to win in gardening.


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