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Famous screenwriter Kitagawa is a master figure that has to be mentioned in the Japanese screenwriting circle. His representative works "Love White Paper", "Long Holiday" and "Beautiful Life" are all classic works of pure//love. With such a scriptwriter, the quality of the play itself is already guaranteed. What's more, in the script, Kim Jae-jung specially marked the creation list, there is also a Lee Hyung-min. Lee Hyung-min is a South Korean director who has not yet made any achievements in film, but he is already a very famous director in TV dramas. For example, rain has worked with Lee Hyung-min twice, "Shangdao, Go to School" and "This Damn Love". Although these two dramas did not make rain an Asian superstar like "Full House", they are indeed remarkable masterpieces. A "I'm sorry, I love you", so Jisub popular in Asia, the newcomer Lin Xiujing has become the most dazzling actress. Later, "snow queen" let hyun bin and sung Yu-ri won the KBS acting awards. With these works, it is difficult for Li Hengmin not to occupy a place in the TV circle. Gold medal screenwriter + gold medal director, a film has been half successful. In terms of actors, Kim Jae-jung is now a popular singer in Asia, and this debut will only attract more attention from fans. If she joins again, it can be said that it is also a great combination in terms of actors, and the chances of success of this film are more than 80%. Now, the only question is her schedule, whether she can take the play or not. I had a serious discussion with Kim Dae-jong on this issue. Kim Da-jong is not very much in favor of it,x52 line pipe, but also helped Seo Ji-won analyze that she is not the leading actress in East of Eden. From the current point of view, not every episode will appear. If you squeeze it, it's not that you can't shoot it. However, in these two works, the difference between the two roles is really great, and the difficulties encountered in the shooting process may be that Xu Zhiyuan has never encountered before. A good actor should get into the play quickly and get out of the play quickly. This is what Bian Xifeng's predecessor once said to her. Maybe it's time to prove that I'm not a good actor. Mianhua Tang. CC [Marshmallow] It was through Kim Jae-jung that he made an appointment with the creators of The Postman of Heaven. Kitagawa Etsuko was in Japan and did not arrive in Korea. Meet that day, Xu Zhiyuan this side is two people, the other side is director Li Minheng and producer Mr. Li. As for Kim Jae-jung,uns c70600, he is a middleman. When Xu Zhiyuan arrived at the appointed hotel, Jin Zaizhong came out specially, although he did not speak, but staring at Xu Zhiyuan's eyes was obviously asking the answer. Smiling at him, Xu Zhiyuan did not speak, but deliberately teased him. As a result, Kim Jae-jung looked at her and turned to laugh. "It's really silly. Since we made an appointment to meet, it means that you are very interested!"! I'm smart, okay?! Then look at her like that! Seo Ji-won stared at Kim Jae-jung, squinting her eyes. She was really going to have a black line. She was really interested, otherwise she wouldn't have made an appointment to meet, just call Kim Jae-jung. However, even if she is interested again, it depends on whether the other party can meet her requirements. Even if the other party is sincere again, even Beichuan Yuelizi specially through the network video, with a notebook to say hello to her, uns c68700 ,x60 line pipe, Xu Zhiyuan can not be so unprincipled to agree to everything. Director Li, Mr. Li, you all know that I am shooting East of Eden now. From my point of view, I like Heaven very much, but I can't affect my work because of this play. Therefore, I have only one requirement to join the crew, that is, the crew must cooperate with my schedule. Hands crossed, Xu Zhiyuan is also a little embarrassed, "I know this request is not reasonable, or even can be said to be very rude, actually let a group of people cooperate with me.". However, it is true that there are special circumstances that I will make such a request. So, please think about it. Whether I can grant this request or not, I want to say that I like this script very much, and, director Li, I like your play, rain senior also said that you are a good director, I hope we can have the opportunity to cooperate in the future. Knowing that her conditions were somewhat harsh, Xu Zhiyuan did not hold out much hope. However, since you are interested, you have to fight for it, not to mention that you have to meet each other for the sake of your brother's face. Because of such a request, the two sides did not finalize the intention of cooperation on the same day. When she left, Kim Jae-jung sent her. Drive slowly. A gentle reminder, Seo Ji-won is not afraid, but two years ago Kim Jae-jung had his driver's license confiscated for 100 days because of drunk driving. Although he hasn't done it again since then, if he drives too fast, he will be photographed by any anti-rice or illegitimate rice and sold to the newspaper, and he will certainly make headlines again. Turning his head and looking at Xu Zhiyuan, Kim Jae-jung smiled. "In fact, I think there should be no problem with the schedule. Even if I am making a movie, I have to take part in the activities of TVXQ.". As long as the time is adjusted, there should be no problem. (Www. MianHuaTang. CC Cotton Candy Novel Network). Ji-won, I'd love to be in this movie with you. Of course! Who am I! I'm Seo Ji-won! Xu Zhiyuan laughed, but also deliberately blinked his eyes, pretending to be tall, but did not know his expression, is really silly. Looking at her, Kim laughed unconsciously. Yes, you are Seo Ji-won! Smiling, he couldn't help reaching out again and touching her head. I don't know when he liked to touch her head like this. Whenever I think of her, the slightly sour and sweet feeling is like a plum in my mouth. Such a green feeling, or a long time ago, when he was still an ignorant teenager, but inexplicably, after many years, he actually felt such a feeling again. Ji-won! He called her name and tried to say something, but suddenly his face changed, he reached out to adjust the rearview mirror,x52 line pipe, and then looked behind him. Ji-won, hold on! Before Seo Ji-won could answer, Kim Jae-jung had already stepped on the accelerator and speeded up with a bang.
Muxieqing touched the three big bundles on the table, which were all priceless treasures that Muxieqing could not give up. "Let's go to bed early tonight, keep our spirits up, and wait for tomorrow's palace." Finally out of the palace, the master and servant three people excitedly hugged each other in circles. Xiao Xuyuan hobbled down from the dragon. "Open the door." The guards of the Huaqing Palace respectfully reopened the palace gate, which had been closed for several days. As usual, Xiao Xuyuan walked to the main hall by himself. On the way, Xiao Xuyuan pushed Cheyenne's hand, "I can walk by myself." As for his physical condition, Xiao Xuyuan knew very well that he had already guessed that his body was so abnormal, not only because he had drunk wine, but also because he could not get rid of the fragrance in the clean room of the bamboo building. But it doesn't matter, he is not afraid, on the contrary, Xiao Xuyuan heart faintly excited.. The sound of the opening of the palace gate was particularly clear in the dark. Muxieqing, who had fallen asleep, opened his eyes in the dark. "Zhichun, is it the sound of the gate of Huaqing Palace?" Zhichun, who was on night duty, turned his ears sideways. "Empress, it's the sound from our palace gate." "Go and see." Zhichun opened the door and saw Cheyenne raise his hand to knock on the door. Cheyenne,x56 line pipe, "Miss Zhichun, Your Majesty is here." Zhichun glanced at Xiao Xuyuan, who reeked of alcohol. "The empress has gone to bed." Cheyenne rolled his eyes. "But your majesty has come. Your majesty has drunk a lot of wine. Miss Zhichun, go and cook a bowl of hangover soup for your majesty." Mu Xie Qing in the hall saw that Zhichun had gone out and there was no sound. He thought about the person who would open the gate of Huaqing Palace late at night and said, "Zhichun, is Your Majesty coming?" Zhichun: "Yes, empress." "The maidservant is going to cook a bowl of hangover soup for Your Majesty." Knowing that Chunyi was telling Mu Xieqing, Xiao Xuyuan drank wine. In fact,347 stainless steel, Zhichun did not want to leave, but Cheyenne's words she could not but consider. Xiao Xuyuan has been to and from Huaqing Palace countless times, but never once like tonight, he is drunk all over, and there is still a faint fragrance on his body. "Go," said Muxie Qing. As soon as Zhichun left, Xiao Xuyuan could not maintain his figure and began to sway from side to side. He shook his head and tried to pick up his pace and stumbled toward the hall. Cheyenne behind him gently closed the door, and then gave a wink to the bodyguard commander who followed him. The other party took the hint and touched the small kitchen where Zhichun was. Zhichun knows some martial arts, just push her away and make sure she can't get close to the bedroom. Cheyenne: You, and all of you, stand back. Cheyenne ordered the guards nearest to the bedroom. Arranged all the people, Cheyenne personally guard at the door of the bedroom, Your Majesty, slaves can do for you, have done, 321 stainless steel sheet ,316l stainless steel pipe, the rest is up to you. Xu was awakened in the middle of his sleep. There was only one lamp in the hall. In the dim candle, Xiao Xuyuan finally saw Mu Xie Qing sitting on the bed. "You're awake." Mu Xie Qing's slightly wrinkled eyebrows, after seeing Xiao Xuyuan's appearance, wrinkled more tightly, "Your Majesty is walking around the palace like this." The belt was missing, the clothes outside were open, and the smell of alcohol was mixed with the smell of alcohol. "Two princesses wash three today, I drink a few more cups," Xiao Xuyuan step by step slowly approaching Mu Xie Qing, "how are you doing?" Mu Xie Qing this time is not only frowning so simple, the face also began to tense, words taunt way, "Your Majesty why ask knowingly." Xiao Xuyuan stood still beside the bed, then held the bedpost and sat slowly beside the bed. "Do you know you're wrong?" "What's wrong with my concubine? Your Majesty, you were clearly at the scene. You saw with your own eyes that the concubine herself jumped into the water." "I know it was the Lotus Concubine herself who jumped into the water," said Xiao Xuyuan. Mu Xie Qing: "Then you have wronged my concubine." Xiao Xuyuan: "I have wronged you. Have you figured out why I have wronged you these days?" Mu Xie Qing thought, why else? It's just to save your beloved lotus concubine. In order to save her, she can only take the blame for falling into the water. In Muxieqing's opinion, Xiao Xuyuan would stand on her side if she was facing other concubines, but if she was facing a lotus concubine, Xiao Xuyuan would abandon her to save the lotus concubine. This is the recognition of her previous life after she became a substitute for the lotus concubine. Seeing that Mu Xie Qing's eyes were full of indignation, Xiao Xuyuan knew that she must not have figured it out. "I did that because I wanted to tell you that you were nothing without my support." Mu Xie Qing's indignation turned into a sneer in a twinkling of an eye. "Yes, without Your Majesty, I am nothing." "If your majesty wants to wrong my concubine, he will wrong my concubine. If he wants to confine my concubines, he will confine them. Your majesty can even turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, or even acquiesce in the abuse of my concibine by other people." "Since my concubine is nothing, why does Your Majesty come to humiliate my concubine?" "There is no need for Your Majesty to do this. After tomorrow, I will naturally disappear in front of Your Majesty, and I will never annoy Your Majesty's sweetheart, the Lotus Concubine." Mu Xieqing lifted the quilt inside the bed, revealing the three bulging bundles covered by the quilt, and said, "See, I have packed up my things. Your Majesty can rest assured." She did not know anything, did not know that the reason why Lian Pin framed her was that he had confided to Lian Pin that he wanted to keep her alone. The concubine set her up because she was afraid. And even if he knew the inside story, he had no face to expose Lian Pin, because he was sorry for her and made her look like that, not to mention that he also had his own selfishness. Looking at the three big bundles in the bed, Xiao Xuyuan was so angry that he took the three bundles in his hand, then threw them hard and smashed them on the ground. "You can't leave the palace tomorrow." A lot of things in the bundle were fragile. As soon as Xiao Xuyuan smashed it, Mu Xieqing wished he could replace it with his body. "What are you drunk about?" Muxie cursed in her mouth and was about to get out of bed to check the contents of the bundle. At the same moment, Xiao Xuyuan more quickly reached out to push Mu Xie Qing down on the bed, the whole person then attached to it, "Mu Xie Qing, be my queen." Muxie Qing,uns s32760 plate, who had been pushed to his back and was out of breath, shouted, "No." 。
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