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Only then did Gu Xuan see the sea soul agate with his own eyes for the first time, and it was still unhydrated. The sea soul agate was only as big as a grain of rice, like the excrement of a mouse, but the color was different, it was dark yellow. On the stone platform, it is similar to sand, and if you are not careful, you will ignore it. He Zhuliang pinched his hand, and the surface of the sea soul agate was already a little soft. Seeing this, He Zhuliang said with a smile, "Good luck. This sea soul agate has been here for thirty years. It will be fully hydrated in another seventy years.". If you sell it to the auction room, you can earn ten thousand Lingshi. After 70 years of complete hydration, it can sell 100,000! After a grain of sea soul agate is hydrated, it is only one drop, and it takes about thirty drops to turn to Sanxian. Thus it can be seen that even if you want to turn to Sanxian, the consumption of Lingshi is not a small number. He Zhuliang handed the sea soul agate to Gu Xuan and said resolutely, "Senior, this is for you." Gu Xuan pushed it back and said with a smile, "It's useless for me to take this. Keep it for yourself and exchange it for Lingshi." Gu Xuan did not cultivate Sanxian, and none of the people he knew turned to cultivate Sanxian, so he really did not need sea soul agate. He Zhuliang Wen Yan is not affectation, carefully put it in the jade box, and then put it into the storage belt. As casual practitioners, their conditions were rather difficult, and they ventured to Soul Lake in order to find the soul of the sea. If you don't meet Gu Xuan, not to mention looking for sea soul agate, even your own safety is a problem. Therefore,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, the two of them admired Gu Xuan very much. He was so tall, but he had no temper. The spirit animals in the shallow waters are not very high, and after perceiving the breath of the ancient mysterious place, they all lay down their flags and drums and dare not move. If there were only two brothers, I'm afraid they would have come out to fight long ago. Come on, let's keep exploring. Gu Xuan said with a smile, and then walked forward. Unfortunately, the excretion of the sea soul beast is not much, in this layer of water, the three people have not found any trace of the sea soul agate. Next floor. Gu Xuandao. The stones protruding from the soul lake are very regular,PET blow moulding machine, about one layer per kilometer, and the layers are very distinct. In other places, there are only smooth walls, and there is no sea soul agate at all. In a twinkling of an eye, half a month later, the three men descended to a deep water area of 10,000 meters and harvested 28 sea soul agates. Such a result, I'm afraid it will make the people of the Sea Soul Star crazy. In fact, the more below, three people collect the sea soul agate will be more. After all, in the shallow water area, there are many practitioners who go to explore the treasure, which makes the sea soul agate be picked up. Few people come to the deep water area, and the sea soul agate will naturally be more. However, in such deep waters, the danger has greatly increased, and even Guxuan has not released his own breath. In the 8,000-meter-deep waters, I met the intrepid Rui Ao, Edible oil filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, and the spirit animals inhabiting in the 10,000-meter-deep waters will only be stronger! "Senior," said He Zhuliang, "it's too weird here. Let's go back." "Yes, senior, I don't feel safe here." It is rare for He Zhude to speak. Gu Xuan wanted to look for a sea soul beast, but seeing that they were leaving and the atmosphere here was really strange, Gu Xuan nodded and said, "OK, let's go." If there is a conflict here, Gu Xuan can't protect their safety. After sending them up, I'll come down alone. Gu Xuanxin said, "here, I should have no problem protecting myself." Even if you can't beat him, you can still escape. If you encounter a spirit beast that can track teleportation, it may be more troublesome. The last time Ruiao was injured, it was just because Guxuan didn't fight back. In terms of combat power, Rui Ao is not as good as him. Gu Xuan took out a piece of gold and threw it out. Looking at the direction of the gold's fall, the opposite was upward. It is not so easy to determine the direction in the dark water, because it is the same in all directions. After identifying the direction, the three men slowly swam up. Even if it is to leave, there can not be too much movement. What's more, eight kilometers away, there is an auspicious turtle, which is not very friendly to Gu Xuan. Alarmed it, I'm afraid a big war is inevitable. Half an hour later, the crowd rose 1000 meters to reach the water at a depth of 9000 meters. Here, He Zhuliang got thirteen sea soul agates, so he was sure that the sea soul beasts were gathered here. But Gu Xuan probed for a long time, but found nothing, and then went deeper. Therefore, when he came back, Guxuan's divine consciousness unfolded the most to see if he could see the traces of the sea soul beast. "Boom!" Suddenly, there was a roar in the distance, and the water was surging, which made the bubbles opened by Guxuan sway unceasingly. What's wrong He Zhuliang exclaimed, "was he attacked by a spirit beast?" "Don't panic," said Gu Xuan! It should be the spirit beast fighting, and the impact is transmitted here. The two He brothers were shocked when they heard this. In the deep water of nine kilometers, the water pressure is so high that it is very difficult to stir your fingers, let alone produce such a big impact. Therefore, both sides of the fight should be extremely strong. Forget it. It's better to do less than more. Senior, let's go quickly so as not to get into trouble. He Zhuliangdao. Gu Xuan's face changed and he said with a wry smile, "No, they found us.". If we leave, I'm afraid they'll gang up on us. The impact just now was flat everywhere, but when it came to Guxuan, it was bounced back. Spirit animals are very alert, after feeling the impact, naturally found the whereabouts of Gu Xuan and others. Gu Xuan also did not expect that the waters he had opened up had exposed himself, which could be described as bad luck. So what to do? He Zhuliang asked in a startled voice. "Don't worry," said Gu Xuan. "Let's wait and see what happens. When they fight again, we'll slip away. However, perhaps because of the sudden appearance of Guxuan three people, the two spirit beasts did not fight again. It is gratifying that there is no alliance between the spirit beasts, and between the three, there is a faint confrontation. At the beginning, Gu Xuan only brushed the divine consciousness, but did not see what the two spirit beasts looked like. Since they confronted each other, Gu Xuan could let go of the divine consciousness unscrupulously. It didn't matter,liquid bottle filling machine, but Gu Xuan was delighted because he saw a familiar figure in it. In the third episode, Chapter 378 of the True Realm of Earth Cultivation, two beasts contend.
God, regardless of the fact that he was now on the main road and that the two victims were right in front of him, divided the money on the spot: "One brother, one little, one sister, one of me.." One for me, one for my brother, one for the little one. Seeing God like this, we couldn't help laughing, God actually treated us as children, so we couldn't see the money, but we didn't expose God, the girl also looked at God with interest. Finally, all the gold coins on the ground were divided up, and the rest was some equipment. According to reason, these equipments are much more valuable than the gold coins on the ground, but the God did not even look at them, and threw them all to the girl he had just met. God knows we don't need these things. But the girl, like God, threw the equipment out like garbage, without paying any attention to the white faces of the two men standing behind her. Well, my sister doesn't have any good equipment yet. God will give you a good one. God looked at the girl and said. No, no, my sister has, but my sister is not used to wearing those equipment, so she has not worn it. The girl said hurriedly. Never mind, God's equipment will never be,ultrasonic dispersion machine, sister rest assured. God said and took out a shining feather coat. God, this is your neon and feather clothes. How can you give them away? I exclaimed in surprise that I had not been worried about God all the time because she had this Nishang Feather Clothes. The strong defense of Nishang Feather Clothes could not even cause too much damage to my Qinglong Crescent Blade. This alone is enough to put it on the level of an artifact. God wants to send something to the girl he knows. I have no objection, but I can't send out the things that save my life. Don't worry, brother, God still has it. God said, afraid I do not believe, but also deliberately showed their own neon clothes and feather clothes said. After God finished, a set of colorful feather clothes appeared on his body. Seeing this, I had to shake my head helplessly. I don't know how many times I have seen this feather clothes on God's body. It won't be fake. And the neon clothes and feather clothes can usually be hidden. I don't know if you are a relative of the system or what, but you got all the incredible equipment, and you got two sets. "I shook my head helplessly and said that I had to blame this on God's luck." Of course I am a relative of the system, and this system is my sister, so I have such good luck. God said with a smile. Hearing what we said, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, the girl didn't know what to do. According to us, this neon and feather dress is very precious. Should she take it or not? Although she likes it very much. Take it. Since God still has it, there is no problem. I said to the girl with a smile, but I didn't notice that the two people behind me were staring at the feather clothes with their eyes and greedy faces. Advertise for a friend: Pirate Hunter, link: p? B1 _ d = 57445 Chapter 164 The first episode of the world out of my generation chapter 164. "Come on, let's go and find the next target to play." I stood up and laughed. Let's go, let's go, sister. God also stood up and took the hand of the girl he knew and said. Well, it's my first time to come out. I must have a good time this time. Said the girl, not noticing the two men who had come with her. By the way, what's your name? I haven't known your name for so long. I asked her. My name is easy to remember. My name is Qingfeng. How about it? Is the name familiar? The girl said to me with a smile. Easy to remember, easy to remember. I touched my nose and said, "You are still called Qingfeng. Why don't you call it Mingyue?". The moon should be added well. "I want to call it Mingyue, but the name has been robbed, so I have to call it Qingfeng." Qingfeng said with a smile, not embarrassed at all, as if it was normal to call Qingfeng. Hey, wait, let me ask you a question. You're not really a monk in reality, are you? I looked at Qingfeng strangely and asked, "This one is called Qingfeng, but it is specially used by ordinary monastic people.". "Of course not, is it necessary to cultivate Taoism if it is called Qingfeng?"? Isn't she also called God? Is she God? The breeze pulled the God and said. Her name is Xiao Xiao, but she's not so small, but of course she can't compare with you. Qingfeng pointed to the small novel. Like her, she looks like a little elf, but she can't be called an elf. The breeze pointed to the elf who did not know when to climb on my shoulder and said. You're right. Her name is Elf. "I laughed and said," What's an elf if it's not an elf? "" "Uh.." The breeze suddenly stopped, staring at the elf with incredible eyes, and did not even hear what I had just said. You, you're an elf. Qingfeng walked carefully to my side and asked, because the elf was sitting on my shoulder, so she spoke as if she were talking to me. Elf, come and say hello to our friend. I shrugged my shoulders and said that it was normal for Qingfeng to be like this. Everyone who saw the elves for the first time was like this. Of course, it was limited to women. If it was a man, the eyes were naked and wanted to occupy it. Because the elf is so lovely and beautiful, if she is as big as we humans, I'm afraid God can't compare with her. Hello, my name is Pixie, this beautiful sister, who are you? The elf flew up from my shoulder and said that she had been sleeping and did not know what had happened outside. My name is Qingfeng. Aren't you cold, elf? You're still wearing a skirt. Qingfeng looked at the elf and said, "There is also a distinction between the four seasons in the game. It's autumn now, and it's really a little cold." Nope Oh,ultrasonic dispersing machine, of course it's a little cold, but my brother always says he has no money and doesn't buy clothes for others. Said the elf, pretending to be pitiful.
I feel a little sorry, how only he is not a waste, then what is the other people? Father is like a child sometimes. I smiled apologetically at my cousin Dongling, who was very generous and gave me a smile to show that he didn't mind, but then the smile froze-I followed his eyes, and my boss was looking at him covetously. Well, it's a little cold. I shivered and heard Dongling's cousin calling "General Manager Zhao". My boss skillfully took a chair and squeezed it between me and my father. He said very affectionately, "Dongling and I have worked together for so long. Why do you still call me General Manager Zhao? I said I would call me Jiayi earlier, so as not to be so stiff." I heard this sentence, a dish almost stuck-such kind words, how to sound so awkward ah? My father, mother, and sister Fangfang all laughed when they heard this. Only my cousin Dongling and I, while maintaining a twitching smile, felt a chill on our backs. Have you ever seen a cat paying New Year's greetings to a mouse? Although there was such a small episode, at least for the sake of my parents, it was a pleasure for the host and guest. After a little chat in the living room, I was afraid that the temperature would drop again at night and they would get cold and sick, so I proposed to send them back. When I got downstairs, I dawdled a little and said that my boss had a car. Naturally, he should have said that he would send them both. But I waited for a long time without waiting for him to say a word. I could only roll my eyes and call another car to send my cousin Dongling away. Looking back,ultrasonic welding transducer, the man was still standing there, looking straight at me, his shoulders a little tight, obviously frozen. I am quite helpless, although hate him to do so impersonal, but also dare not really ignore him. He went over and took off his scarf and put it on him. Regardless of his frightened appearance, he said,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, "I'm afraid the temperature will drop today. You'd better go back quickly and remember to drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed." Then I felt a little cold, so I waved my hand and said goodbye to him. But I didn't want to be caught by him. I stared blankly at the black hand that caught me. Early in the morning, the embarrassing situation came to my eyes again. I was at a loss and didn't even know what to say. But instead of asking me, he pulled me straight into the garage, shoved me into the car, and started it directly. I really couldn't accept his neurotic behavior. After a while, I asked in a daze, "Where are you going this big night?" He looked at me but did not answer, but the corners of his lips seemed to be raised. I still can't turn my head, but it's not interesting to ask him again. Anyway, he can't sell me. It looks like he's playing a prank. Or he hasn't ordered me around for a long time, so he's a little itchy to operate on me, so he feels comfortable. But it turned out to be an amusement park, I followed him out of the car, or some do not understand why he brought me to this dark place. He took a key to open the small door next to the amusement park and motioned me to follow him. My intuition was that it would not be a bad thing, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, so I walked over. It was dark all the way. He took my hand and walked ahead. I could only follow his footsteps and watch the back of his head. Also do not know where to go, anyway, "poof", the eyes suddenly lit up, look closely, it was a circle of colorful fireworks burning up, stretching five meters in front of me, making up the words "Happy Birthday", in such a dark environment surprisingly conspicuous. I stayed where I was, feeling that I had never been so surprised in my life. The smoke of the fireworks filled the air, and I wondered if it was a hallucination. I pinched my leg to make sure it was "very painful". Turned to look at the man, he is also looking at me, the streamer of fireworks reflected in his face, skin such as a layer of fluorescence, surprisingly handsome, in my gaze, but slowly red up. I giggled and laughed inappropriately. I remembered that this scene was the plot of a TV play I was infatuated with last time. I was fascinated by it at that time and was spurned by him. I didn't expect this man to be so intentional and specially prepared for me. It was impossible not to be moved. But it was very funny to think that this man, with a cold face and indifference, had prepared these things with others. I think at the beginning and I have a temper because of the special preparation of these, but I did not even call him a birthday party, so some unhappy, it is a child's temperament, but. It's really cute. When he saw me laughing, he thought I was laughing at his naivety. His face darkened and he threw my hand away. I quickly grabbed him and explained, "It's really beautiful. I've never received such a good gift in my life. Thank you. I'm very happy." The man turned his back and said in a muffled voice, "I'm afraid you're too ignorant to see the world, and next time you're like a country bumpkin in front of outsiders, so I let people do this." After a pause, he turned around and said, "I didn't do it on purpose, but a friend happened to have fireworks left, so I did it." Don't be too moved. I laughed and felt that his vexatious behavior was not unlovable. After thinking about it, I said, "But I am very touched. What should I do? I have nothing. I don't know if I can only make a promise with my body." When he heard this, he looked at me in an incredible way. His face was red all the way to his neck, but he could not say a word. It was so cute, but I didn't dare to stimulate him too much and turned my head immediately. Never mind, it's just a joke. Uh I'm really happy today, thank you! With a slight bow to him, I said sincerely. The man froze for a moment, then turned his head and said, "and make a wish." I didn't quite understand for a moment and looked at him with my head tilted. He burst out, "make a wish!"! The TV you watch is to make a wish after watching the fireworks. I really couldn't help laughing this time. Yes, I had to make a wish. How could I forget? Chapter 16 Author's message That VIP, I don't know, but I signed the contract,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, how to divide it depends on April, hey, don't hit me.
This matter has been tossed about for more than two months, and now the dust has finally settled, and there is a result. However, Zhou Yansheng did not participate in the division of the Liao family. It's not clean. He doesn't want to swallow it. Zhou Fu nodded, he is now simply helping Zhou Yansheng to deal with some things, most of the time is a name, semi-pension state. Obviously, I agree with this matter. When Dongshu heard this, she wanted to ask how Liao Xujin was. But I also feel that it is not good to ask about this scum during the Spring Festival. After thinking about it, I gave up. But Zhou Ruoxi is heartless. As soon as I finished sending messages to Nan Jingyu on WeChat, I raised my head and asked in a low voice: "Where is that scum Liao?" This is Zhou Ruoxi's special name for Liao Xujin. Hearing Zhou Ruoxi's question, Zhou Yansheng raised his head and looked at her with a half-smile. Zhou Ruoxi was so frightened that he raised his hands to surrender and then lowered his head to eat. Chapter 2578 I eat dog food in the rich and powerful family. Update the latest chapter of the black pack group of the goddess of war as soon as possible! Zhou Yansheng didn't want to mention this person during the Spring Festival. So, I won't say more. But Dongshu went to check it afterwards. Liao Xujin was hospitalized before, because he did not get a good hospital, and then the situation is serious, there is a leg, it is estimated that it is difficult to recover. Although his parents gave him up, he really went abroad with the money in his card. Then, what happened? Dongshu is not easy to find out. Yes, he won't come back easily. But also received a lesson, Dongshu also too lazy to pay attention to him. Look at Wang Yingfa every day, about the daily life between Chi Qing and Sun Feifei, and then draw cartoons to catch up with the code. I have a good life. When Nan Jingyu was a senior, he formally set up his own studio. Although there are not many technicians, they can now hold up the facade. In addition, he has a lot of contacts in the past two years. So, now that it's up, there are still apps on the download list. The result is not bad. Zhou Ruoxi is a poor student. But I'm good at design. When I was a senior, I also entered a good brand clothing company and became a designer assistant. At first, there was no popularity, no works, and no ability to see her, so it was obviously impossible to be a designer directly. So, start with the assistant. As soon as Zhou Ruoxi graduated from his senior year, Nan Jingyu proposed directly. Although he has no money, no car and no house now. However, he thought that this person could belong to him in this life. And these material things, he will supply Zhou Ruoxi in the same way. Zhou's father and mother did not have any opinions on this matter, but only looked at Zhou Ruoxi's own ideas. For Nan Jingyu's current situation, the pros and cons are also analyzed. After thinking for three days, Zhou Ruoxi agreed. This is the man she fell in love with at first sight, inflatable water slide , and the man she liked for four years. He is good, and she likes it too. He's bad, and she likes it. He is poor, and she likes it. He is rich, but she still likes him. So, yes. A little earlier or a little later, it makes no difference. But if you can do it earlier, why waste this good time? The two of them got the certificate happily. Nan Jingyu respected Zhou Ruoxi and asked Zhou Ruoxi's opinion. Do you want to have the wedding now or wait a little longer? When this APP is profitable, we can have a better wedding. If we do it now, it won't be too luxurious. Nan Jingyu put his present situation in front of Zhou Ruoxi. Then I'll wait. Zhou Ruoxi thought about it and poked Nan Jingyu on the forehead. She believed that he would step on the colorful clouds to marry her. So, she can afford to wait. Hearing what Zhou Ruoxi said, Nan Jingyu's eyes were slightly red, and then he held Zhou Ruoxi tightly in his arms. The two men got their certificates when they graduated from Zhou Ruoxi University. With the consent of two people, Dongshu began to serialize small cartoons about the process of two people's love on the Internet. Two years later, after Nan Jingyu began to make substantial profits, the two people held a particularly romantic and desirable outdoor wedding. Although it is not the top luxury, it is the part that Nan Jingyu can take out now. Zhou Ruoxi spent his best years waiting. Nan Jingyu did not want to live up to this waiting, so he used a luxurious wedding to repay the girl who had been standing beside him in his youth. Xiaoxi, for the rest of my life, it is my good fortune to have. It was the wedding night, and Nan Jingyu was whispering in Zhou Ruoxi's ear. Soon after, Nan Jingyu found that this whisper appeared in Dongshu's cartoon. Nan Jingyu looked at the cartoon, two little people with interlocking fingers, secretly thinking, do you want to tell Zhou Ruoxi, the love words between husband and wife, do not always say ah fall out. Although, Dong Shu is not easy to speak. Is the husband and wife love words tell her, she will not say to others, but. She can draw. This is ***ing embarrassing. But looking at the cartoon, the sweet appearance of the two little people, Nan Jingyu was reluctant to part with them. This will probably be the best memory of old age. How lucky is it that the most beautiful feeling in this life will be drawn with a pen, frame by frame? Thinking of these, Nan Jingyu rested his mind again. At the same time, I thought, what kind of love words would I say to the loveliest Xiaoxi tonight? When these two people were sweet, Sun Feifei quarreled with Chi Qing. The reason is very simple, Chi Qing found that after Sun Feifei was embarrassed in the Sun family, he turned around and hooked up with Sun Feifei's sister who was also in college. Two people directly together, the younger sister felt robbed Sun Feifei's boyfriend, very exciting. Chi Qing has bad intentions again. Three people tore for several years, until Chi Qing and his sister got married. Only then did Sun Feifei rest her mind and go far away from home, never returning to Yucheng in her life. For the rest of her life, Dongshu cooperated with psychologists, ate dog food,inflatable amusement park, drew cartoons, and helped Zhou Yansheng complete the software development of APP. Even if you don't talk much, you will have a full life.
After that, Zheng Zha exchanged a space bag for a C-level branch plot, which only consumed the number of branch plots, did not consume reward points, and had no other function, but the pocket could hold a non-living body of 30 cubic meters in size, which could be folded up and taken away in his arms. After considering the remaining 3000 reward points for a long time, Zheng Zha finally spent 2700 reward points to exchange for a small machine gun with unlimited bullets. The caliber is 25 mm, the range is 3000 meters, and the firing rate is 3500 rounds per minute. Although it is a small machine gun, it is also a heavy weapon installed on the aircraft. When Zheng Zha lifted the small machine gun, the weapon was almost half the size of his body from the handle to the muzzle. Ordinary people could not lift it and use it safely, let alone the huge recoil when it was designed. Of course, Zheng Zha's physical quality did not care about this strength. In addition to the things just exchanged, a Green Goblin skateboard that had been repaired and charged by the main God consumed more than 100 reward points, a Zagu electric axe picked up from Cheng Xiao's corpse, a miniature submachine gun and a large number of spiritual bullets, an air cannon, a Bible of the dead, several super-high explosive bombs,inflatable air dancer, and some small shops. In the end, he had only a few dozen reward points left on him. Good! In any case. I must get the Resurrection Sutra! The next day, Zheng Zha did not wake up Luo Li, but quietly contacted the "Lord God" himself. After paying 4500 bonus points and a D-level branch plot, he instantly entered a half-awake dream. Not because of his cruelty or the trouble he feels, but because after the horror film Biochemical Crisis II, he can no longer bear the loss of his important people,inflatable castle with slide, if not for the comfort of his heart, it is likely that after the end of Biochemical Crisis II, he will immediately become a replicator, completely sliding into the abyss of madness and darkness.. So he did not want to and could not let Luo Li to take any risks, anyway, back to the world of horror movies, no matter how long it took. For the people in the "main God" space, it's just a moment, so the night will not feel any loneliness. Some things must be faced by men alone, such as fate and predicament. When Zheng Zha came to his senses, he was already standing at the gate of a hotel, which he knew very well. It was the hotel that the hero O'Connor had brought them to the last time he entered the legend of ghosts. Slightly small but delicate, but unfortunately he was the only one who came this time, and his partners were all already. Zheng Zha shook his head, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, he hid these thoughts in the bottom of his heart, and then strode to the Cairo Museum. The city of Cairo seems to have been completely restored, and the impact of Immerton at the time seems to have completely disappeared. Pedestrians look no different from normal people at all, and I don't know if the magic power disappeared automatically after Morton's death, and then they were also restored to good condition. Zheng Zha walked silently on the streets of Cairo, this time using his bonus points to enter the world of horror movies. So there is no special danger at all, for example, there will be no "main God" to forcibly change the plot, there will be no other team to attack and kill him, but I do not know why, he feels a little out of place with the people around him, not in clothing or race. This should be a difference in mood, because he has been accustomed to killing and fighting, once in a peaceful environment, but also in a peaceful environment where he is the only one, he immediately felt a little at a loss. The importance of partners to him is not only reflected in team operations, but also more. Or that mutual trust, mutual dependence, as long as there are partners around, regardless of the physical environment can calm down. This is the meaning of partners side by side! Zheng Zha walked not long before he came to the Cairo City Museum. The terrain here was too familiar to him. At that time, in order to fight with the Indian team, he simply unlocked the genetic lock to look at the terrain here crazily. Especially when he ran away, he remembered more clearly than anyone else how every route should be. Of course, at the moment, he was not chased by anyone. In this world, Unless it was a military organization, he was really not afraid of anyone, so of course he leisurely came to the museum from the front of the street, just in time to see the curator of the museum shouting something to several desert merchants. The desert merchants seemed to be talking loudly with some fragments of cultural relics, while the curator squatted on the ground and kept looking at them. Then he selected some of the slightly intact cultural relics and took out some pounds from his bosom as he spoke. The desert merchants happily picked up the fragments of cultural relics on the ground and turned to walk out of the museum. Only then did the curator of the museum raise his head. At a glance, he saw Zheng Zha smiling at him outside the museum. The old man was startled at first, and then ran over excitedly. He grabbed Zheng Zha's hand and said, "Zheng Zha!"! Do you have the Bible of the Dead and the Golden Sutra of the Sun? Ha ha ha, but finally caught you, show me the book quickly, that thing is a rare treasure ah! Zheng Zha originally thought that the curator of the museum was happy for their reunion, so he happened to make a gesture of Western embrace at that time, but who knew that the curator of the museum was clearly coming to collect debts, he immediately began to laugh and cry, and the curator also laughed loudly, he pulled Zheng Zha to the museum by chance, and said as he walked: Pharaoh's people thank you. And your partner. Where are your friends? Zheng Zha looked solemn. "Help me," he said earnestly. I will go back to Hamnatha, and I will dig out the Sun Sutra that fell in it.. And I want the Scorpion King's treasure! [Part 1: Chapter 2: Return to Hamnatha (1)] In the reception room of the museum,Inflatable water park on lake, the curator of the museum took out the oriental tea he had treasured for a long time, then carefully lit the alcohol lamp and boiled the water with a small kettle. After the water boiled, he made two cups of green tea. The light smell of tea made people feel refreshed immediately.
The sea dragon scratched his head and said to himself, Is Lao Tzu so great? Strength! This is all strength, and you can get too much with strength. In the future, no matter what, I will be the strongest. Smiling indifferently, he assumed the air of an immortal and said, "The emperor doesn't have to be so polite. It's just a simple task.". There are too many masters in our realm of cultivation. Taoism and Dharma like me are nothing at all. Moreover, the Seven Schools of the Right Way have decreed that disciples should not be involved in the secular affairs of China. I don't want anything, and you don't have to worship me as a teacher. That's good. You can invite me to have a meal. Moreover, you have ordered that no one should leak my appearance, so as not to cause trouble. Oh, by the way, the body of the monster should also be transported back. Don't destroy it. Let me deal with it. Zhao Ji wiped away the tears on his face and said respectfully, "Everything depends on the Guru. Please enter the city." By this time, the imperial guards had driven Zhao Ji's dragon over. Zhao Ji led the sea dragon to the front of the dragon and said, "Guru, please come." The sea dragon is slightly stupefied, way: "I sit your dragon to drive, what do you sit then?" Zhao Ji said respectfully, "In front of the Guru, there is no reason for Zhao Ji to sit on a dragon.". The Guru is the great benefactor of the State of Zhao and the State of Song. You should be able to sit here. The sea dragon is also not polite, floating up, sitting in the middle of the dragon. The Dragon Chair is soft and full of elasticity, and it is very comfortable to sit on. Thirty-two people slowly lifted the dragon was about to go to the city, but was stopped by Zhao Ji,Inflatable indoor park, he waved back a person, personally lifted the wooden bar, unexpectedly became the sedan-chair bearer of the sea dragon. For a moment, the sea dragon had a feeling of being on cloud nine, as if he had become an emperor at this time. The imperial guards and the worshipers of the temple looked at Zhao Ji personally for the sea dragon, not only did not have a trace of contempt, but all showed a look of respect, can do so courteous corporal, Zhao Ji can already be called a generation of wise king. The city gate was wide open,inflatable bounce house with slide, and the dragons hung down their curtains, so that people could not see the appearance of the sea dragon from the outside. Under the command of Zhao Ji, the imperial guards immediately spread the news that the sea dragon had successfully defeated the offering hall of yuan Meng. Bianliang city people looked at the emperor actually personally sedan bearers, can not help but secretly surprised, for a time, more and more people gathered to watch, even the roof is full of people. I do not know who first shouted a long live your majesty, for a time "long live" the voice spread, unexpectedly resounded throughout the city of Bianliang. Zhao Ji steadied the pole of the sedan chair on his shoulder and wiped the sweat from his forehead. As he walked forward, he said in a loud voice, "People of the State of Zhao and Song, today, with the help of a noble person, our State of Zhao and Song has successfully defeated the offering hall of the State of yuan and Mongolia. This noble person is the great hero of our State of Zhao.". I declare that from today on, he will become the king of Zhao Song, and everything will be equal to me. No matter when, he will be the greatest hero of Zhao Song. The sea dragon in the dragon chase was startled. Seeing that the matter was getting bigger and bigger, he could not help feeling guilty. At this time, Inflatable water obstacle course ,inflatable floating water park, he had not yet reached the realm of not falling. Once he revealed his hiding, I'm afraid he would not only ask Tianliu and yuanyueliu for trouble, but even if Lian Yunzong knew that he was so involved in the affairs of Shenzhou, I'm afraid Tiandaozun would not forgive him lightly. The power of God suddenly burst forth, and thirty-two sedan-chair bearers, including Zhao Ji, as well as the dragons, disappeared at the same time in the streets of Bianliang City, which had become watertight. The next moment, the dragon appeared in the palace. The sea dragon floated down to Zhao Ji's side and said, "I don't want to make a big deal out of it. You mustn't mention anything about the king side by side in the future." Zhao Ji was stupefied and said, "Guru, this is the honor you deserve!"! Bearer, pass on my order, Bianliang city amnesty for three days, and set today as the national day of Zhao Song. Mobilize the elite army to gather in the frontier, ready to receive the territory returned by the yuan and Mongolia. Guru, please come inside. Let's go in and talk about it. The sea dragon looked at the handsome emperor beside him, and a trace of love rose in his heart. Between his eyebrows, Zhao Ji was somewhat similar to Zhang Hao. He smiled and said, "All right.". Go in and talk about it. The city of Bianliang was boiling. Everywhere in the streets and alleys, it was said that the sea dragon had beaten back the offering hall of the yuan and Mongolian States with its own strength. The sea dragon had been described as magical. For a time, the city of Bianliang had become a sea of joy. In the palace, Zhao Ji held a banquet, all of which were offered in the palace to accompany and entertain the sea dragon. The huge palace dragon table was filled with all kinds of delicacies that the sea dragon had never eaten before. The sea dragon is also not polite, as if no one else to eat up. Zhao Ji kept adding wine and food for him in person, and he ate a luncheon for three hours. After thirty days of wine and five flavors of food, the sea dragon said with satisfaction, "Emperor, the food in the State of Zhao and Song is really good. It seems that you are also very happy when you are the emperor!"! I can eat so much delicious food every day. "I don't know," said Yun Yuezi. "Your Majesty has always been thrifty. He usually eats two ordinary dishes at most. For the sake of Zhao Song, your majesty can be said to be laborious, it is because of this, I am willing to contribute to Zhao Song. Senior, I think you should stay in our offering hall. You are the most suitable master of the offering hall. The sea dragon took one look at Zhao Ji, shook his head, and said, "I told you that I would only be the head of the temple for ten days. Today I will offer sacrifices to the Kingdom of yuan and Mongolia for you. You also invited me to have a big meal. Between us, neither of us owes anything to the other.". The emperor is really a good emperor, and the state of Zhao and Song will flourish in your hands. Without the support of those worships, as long as Yunyuezi come out, it is enough to get back your former cities. Okay, you don't have to say anything more. In the future, if I need anything, I will come to you, and I will accept the title of the king of one word side by side. If there is a disaster in Zhao and Song, I will appear naturally. Now the evil spirits are running amuck in China, and the evil ways are flourishing day by day. We, the true practitioners of the right path, are also having a hard time! "Thank you, Guru," said Zhao Ji, his eyes beaming. He took out a jade tablet from his bosom and said, "Guru, this is Longxiang Jade,Inflatable indoor park, the treasure of the State of Zhao and Song. I can take it with me to avoid the cold and heat. I will give it to you. In the future, this jade will be a symbol of your status. If you need it, you can show it in the territory of the State of Zhao and Song as if I were in person." 。
It is only 300 meters away from Yueyang Tower! This is a small, long-forgotten wild grave! Who would have thought Ouyang Yingxue was hiding here? In order to absolutely keep the secret, in order to prevent the leak, only a few people came here to catch Ouyang Yingxue, Xu Tianliang, Qian Xiaoqing, Chu Tianqi, Ding Bubi, Bu Shanci and Yang Guqiong. Although only six people, but plus the tomb outside the Yang Yu couple, to deal with Ouyang Yingxue should be more than enough, so this action even red and black double demon Liao Tiankui and Guan Shijie, Lv Huailiang, Ding Feifan and others did not tell. Yang Guqiong stepped forward, pressed the broken tablet with both hands and twisted it, and the weeds in front of the wild grave swayed to reveal a hole. Without thinking, Yang Guqiong immediately jumped in. Xu Tianliang and other five people then entered the cave. The cave is so dark that you can't see your hand, but the people who enter the cave are all peerless masters, and the darkness is not difficult for them. Six people are not only fast, but also silent at their feet. Less than thirty feet away,x70 line pipe, there was a ray of light in front of his eyes. Looking along the light, it came from the tomb. Unexpectedly, this wild grave also has such a scale. Before Yang Guqiong, Xu Tianliang arrived at the door of the tomb. Yang Yu's news is right, Ouyang Yingxue is the only one in the tomb. This is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty! Xu Tianliang pushed the door open and grabbed it in. Yang Guqiong dare not move, other people did not move, everyone believes that Xu Tianliang can win Ouyang Yingxue. Boom! There was a loud bang. The grave was shaken,x52 line pipe, the rubble was flying, and the coffin was reduced to fragments. Xu Tianliang flew out of the tomb upside down. Bu Shanci, Chu Tianqi and Ding Buyi rushed into the room at the same time. Qian Xiaoqing supported Xu Tianliang. Yang Guqiong was stunned. As soon as Ouyang Yingxue jumped up from the ground, he was hit by Chu Tianqi and Ding Buyi. Bu Shanci grabbed Ouyang Yingxue's acupoint and even the dumb acupoint. After all, Ouyang Yingxue is no match for the three. Ouyang Yingxue stared round eyes, a stunned expression on his face, apparently he did not expect that he would be attacked here. Ding Bu, Chu Tianqi, and Bu Shanci also stared round at the same time. Their surprise came from the two small tunnels on the back wall of the tomb and the powder keg placed in the room. From the direction of the back wall, it goes without saying that these two tunnels lead to Yueyang Louping, 300 meters away. The powder keg is full of gunpowder, and it is self-evident what it can do. Ouyang Yingxue wants to blow up Qunhao at the Sword Race on March 3! When outdoor Xu Tianliang, Qian Xiaoqing and Yang Guqiong saw this situation, they were also shocked. What a vicious master of the Grand Palace! Six men escorted Ouyang Yingxue out of the wild grave. Chu Tianqi walked at the end with a heavy step. When six people walked out of Xiao Qiao's cemetery, 347 stainless steel ,x56 line pipe, Chu Tianqi looked back into the cemetery. Yang Yu and Song Yanhong walked out of the cemetery jungle. Yang Yu looked at Chu Tianqi's disappearing figure and said worriedly, "I wonder if Qier can hold out?" Song Yanhong's eyes were moist: "I think Qier can stand it. In those days.." Yang Yu raised her hand to stop her words, took out the bamboo flute, and crossed her lips. The sound of the flute, like weeping and complaining, floated leisurely into the sky. Before the end of the song, Yang Yu lowered the flute in his hand and murmured, "Why is this happening?"? For What Song Yanhong helped Yang Yu walk away. The long sound of the flute was still echoing in Xiao Qiao's grave for a long time. Chapter 19 seeing flowers in the fog. According to Ding Bubi, Xu Tianliang, Chu Tianqi and Bu Shanci's secret decision, Ouyang Yingxue was taken to the basement. At this moment, if the news of Ouyang Yingxue's capture is publicized, it will cause chaos in Jianghu. To find Ouyang Yingxue's avenger, if you find the charity hall, it will bring trouble to the charity hall. Therefore, they decided to hide these days first, and then hand over Ou Yingxue to Qunhao when Qunhao arrived on March 3. At the same time, they could also use these three days to interrogate Ouyang Yingxue and learn the details of his killing of Hu Ji'an, Yao Xinghua, Shen Xiaoqiu, Tang Shiding and Yang Yanyan, so that they could explain to Qunhao at that time. It should be said that this is a wise decision. It is Yang Guqiong who is responsible for guarding Ouyang Yingxue. Bu Shanci and Xu Tianliang were busy sending people to clean up the gunpowder in the wild grave of Xiao Qiao's cemetery, and they dug the tomb chamber of the wild grave overnight to fill and block the two small tunnels under Saidao Huiping. Ding Bubi and Chu Tianqi hurriedly secretly sent the news of Ouyang Yingxue's arrest to the head of the Ten Gates, and told them the plan of the Sword Race. Everything is going on in a tense and orderly way. In front of the basement, the flame of the torch illuminated Yang Guqiong's livid face. He was calm on the surface, but in fact he was very flustered. If the palace master told his relationship, his efforts in this period, including the death of Jia Wuxian and Song Xiaozhong, would not have been in vain? Although he was flustered, he did not lose his mind. He had found a solution and was now waiting for his chance. Of course, the best way is to kill him, but he can't do that, because his father Chu Tianqi and Ding Bubu have repeatedly told him not to make mistakes again, and the watchman left him alone, if he killed Ouyang Yingxue, it will definitely arouse people's suspicion. Will there be a chance? He was extremely nervous. There was a rush of footsteps in the passage. He bit his lip. Zhu Zhiao stared at a pair of blood-red eyes and came to him with a smell of alcohol. His eyes flashed and the opportunity came. He hurried up to meet him and said, "Lord Song." "Is Ouyang Yingxue locked up here?" Said Song Zhiao, reeking of alcohol. There was a sly light in Yang Guqiong's eyes: "Do you know Ouyang Yingxue is here?" Song Zhiao said frankly, "Old Bu told me when I was drinking just now." Yang Guqiong thought to himself, "Why did Bu Shanci tell Song Zhiao the news?" Song Zhiao seemed to have guessed what he was thinking and said with a straight face, "I am the head of Tiexue, one of the ten sects. I should know the news." Yang Guqiong nodded: "Yes, the master of Dahang Palace is in the basement." "Open the door," said Song Zhiao. "I want to see him." Yang Guqiong shook his head: "This is no good." "I'll just ask him one question,uns c70600," said Zhu Zhiao. "Who killed Zhong'er?" Yang Guqiong deliberately said, "Lord Song, the man is already dead. Why bother?" 。
The old devil, who thought of himself as "the tail of the dust", had fallen to the ground with the sword. It turned out that the dust tail of Wanyou Old Devil was made of silver filaments that were not afraid of precious swords and swords. It was a soft sword that was not afraid of chivalrous youth, but the white jade handle could not withstand the cutting of a soft sword. Xia Qing suddenly thought of this and used the tip of the sword to cut the handle of the other side's whisk bucket. As expected, he succeeded. As soon as the chivalrous youth made a successful move, he did not neglect it, and even his strength flowed through the sword, suddenly shaking at the enemy. With a shout, Wanyou Old Devil stepped back a few steps. Wanyou old demon shouted angrily and raised the jade handle in his hand, as if he was about to throw it out in anger. As a matter of fact, the whisk handle of Wanyou Old Devil is not only hollow, but also contains the magic poison fog and the "Meridian Jue Yin Needle". As long as the machine is opened, it can shoot a lot of needle rain from the handle of the whisk, and then attack the other side after it is filled with poison. The needle is extremely poisonous, extremely difficult to defend, and the end is extremely powerful. But these "meridian jue yin needle" is the old devil's special skill, not to deal with his heart in mind that a few deep hatred, is not willing to do it easily. Therefore, before the tail of the whisk was cut off by the chivalrous youth, the old demon had used his internal force to slowly force the poisonous fog in the handle of the bucket to the exit, ready to be enchanted, catch the young wizard, and humiliate him carefully. It's best to try to accept him as a disciple. As soon as the tail of the whisk was cut, the old devil pretended to be angry and wanted to throw the handle of the whisk in his hand. But secretly a buckle bucket handle machine button,x52 line pipe, suddenly from the bucket handle fracture, vacate a dark green poisonous fog, evil fragrance hit people in the air. The old devil raised his left palm again, pushed it slightly with soft force, and got the fragrant mist to cage the chivalrous youth, followed by people, and pointed to the other side's "pylorus" acupoint. Red and black two robes and around the green robe hair girl appeared happy, full of this strong enemy,uns s32750 sheet, this time must be in the way, tied hands into capture. That knows "bang" but huge earthquake, the result is quite unexpected! It turned out that Xia Qing's eyes were sharp, and in an instant, he saw that although the old devil was about to throw out the handle of the whisk bucket, his fingers were moving on the handle, and when he cut off the upper end of the handle of the whisk bucket with a soft sword in his hand, he heard that the handle was not solid. Xia Qing was carefully instructed by Hai Tianyi Ru Wei Chi Zichang, who was well aware of the severity of this heavy hollow weapon, and had long been on guard against it. Miserable fate muddy fog just Teng, Xia Qing has held his breath, watching the old devil then into the body, left palm a push, "row cloud palm force" from the split air hit. Wanyou old demon was in the "pylorus" big hole of Pian Finger Disease Point Xia Qing. He saw something suddenly rushing in the muddy fog and floating out. He knew that the other party had been prepared in advance and had not been charmed. He was too close to deceive himself and could not avoid it. He quickly turned his fingers into palms. It was also a strong wind that split the air and beat it out. The old demon's hasty change was already a loss, not to mention his skill, which was comparable to that of the chivalrous youth who had not been handed down for decades by the solitary Buddhist Dharma. The two sides handed over their hands. Under the loud sound of "bang", the old demon felt a great shock in his heart. He retreated and knocked out twenty feet. He put his vest against the wall of the temple, uns s32760 plate ,316ti stainless steel, and then he did not fall down. But as soon as the chivalrous youth's true strength was sent out, he held his breath and naturally loosened a little. A trace of evil fragrance entered his nose, and his brain was slightly dizzy. His feet were soft immediately. He struggled to fall to the outside of the hall door and drifted away. Before he got up twenty feet, he fell again. In the coma, it seems that the body fell into a soft embrace, and the fragrance of the blue musk deer, which is totally different from the evil fragrance of the old demon, entered the nose. At the same time, a catkin greasy jade palm, to his mouth to feed the rain grain elixir, immediately clear mouth, faint disappear. Xia Qing steadied his feet, stood up and turned around to see that it was the Fengying girl who was haunted by his dreams and unforgettable all the time. The chivalrous young man was so overjoyed that he gave a loud cheer: "Feng.." Knowing that, Feng Ying Yurong suddenly changed, suddenly raised his palms, and gave himself a heavy blow on the shoulder. Xia Qing expected that Feng Ying would be willing to attack her, so she was caught off guard and took three steps back. But see in front of the fine mang fly and defend, unexpectedly a row of six teeth stinger, toward their original place of the upper, middle and lower three plate attack, this batch of hidden weapons is issued from the hall. It turned out that when Xia Qing lost his mind, he was suddenly attacked by the six stingers. If it hadn't been for Feng Ying's palm at this time, Xia Qing would have been hurt by the six stingers. Xia Qing broke out in a cold sweat. Then he thought of the dangerous situation in front of him. He took a break and said to Feng Ying, "Sister Feng, you accompany me to break into the hall, catch the old demon, and save the six wild geese of Taihang.". ” Feng Ying nodded slightly, and as soon as the sword of blood and courage shone, she and Xia Qing, one left and one right, rushed back into the hall from the two side doors of the hall. As soon as the two of them broke in and looked at each other, they all signed together. It turned out that only in that moment, all the old demons in the hall, the red and black robes, and the eight girls with hair had disappeared. Even the more than ten coffins in the main hall, which had been opened, were closed again, and the dead Prometheans were all gone. Xia Qingxin was unwilling to open the lid of a nearby coffin with the tip of his sword, and a poisonous needle was shot out of it. Xia Qing had been on guard for a long time, waving the soft sword of the eagle claw in his hand for a while, and the sound of "Ding Dong" was all shot down by the light of the sword. Looking inside again, the coffin was empty. Fengying also opened the lid of a coffin nearby, but it was empty except for a poisonous needle. The two men went around the whole courtyard and could not find any more people. "That's so strange," said Xia Qing in horror! Not all of these people are good at martial arts. How could they hide such a fast way? Feng Ying frowned and guessed, "I think there must be a secret passage in this courtyard, otherwise it wouldn't have disappeared so quickly." The two of them came back to the courtyard and greeted the thin beggar Chang Li and Shi Jiuling, a disciple of the Beggars' Sect. After a while, Shi Jiuling scurried from the shadows, but the thin beggar Chang Li did not hear the sound. Shi Jiuling suddenly sighed and pointed his finger at a pile of mud stuck to a big tree trunk. Xia Qing and Feng Ying were puzzled and looked at Shi Jiuling blankly, not knowing what he meant. Shi Jiuling explained to the two of them, "This is a secret note left by Martial Uncle Chang." It turned out that he was a generation later than the thin beggar Chang Li, so he was called Martial Uncle. Xia Qing hurriedly asked what the secret note meant. "There are many kinds of secret records in our gang,x56 line pipe," said Shi Jiuling. "When people in our gang see them, they not only know what happened, but also know who left them. "Martial Uncle Chang left a secret note to tell us that he was chasing the enemy to the north." "It seems that the people of the Wanyou Sect are still in the courtyard and haven't come out yet. How can we say that they have gone to the north?" 。
Although since Fang Chih-hsin was nine years old and Fang Chih-yuan was six years old, the two of them have become close and become a family. When they were young, they slept in the same room, went to a primary school, and went to a middle school. If there is no accident, Chih-yuan will follow in his footsteps and go to the same university with him. Appearance is also very similar, others look at them as brothers, but their two personalities are very different, and the choice of life path is also very different. He took a course in modern psychology, while Fang Zhiyuan was obsessed with English table tennis, which is also a few generations of Fang's family (men!) A persistent dream-determined to become the world's first Chinese snooker Grand Slam player! I remember when I was a child, every summer vacation, Zhiyuan's new father and mother, a new family, would always take their two brothers and their annoying, precocious sister to a castle near Reading, a small castle that their great-grandfather had bought with a hundred pieces of gold from the owner of the original castle who was on the verge of bankruptcy almost a hundred years ago. It has been used as a family resort. Their grandfather dug earthworms there, their fathers dug bird nests there, and they left many good memories there. But now, it has been turned into a holiday hotel under the encouragement and planning of Zhiyuan's mother. Fang Zhixin still remembers that only when he arrived at the castle, Zhiyuan, who always had a harmless and clever little face like a little white rabbit, would really smile and be happy, and would treat his half-way brother kindly. Though he did not care whether he was kind or not, or whether he called him brother! As soon as he arrived at the castle, Fang Zhiyuan would disappear all day long. It took Fang Zhixin two summers to figure out where he had gone! Less than two hundred meters from the castle, there was a small forest, not dense, but not sparse. Many of these trees are old and flourishing. There are many small animals such as squirrels, rabbits and even foxes in the woods. This forest may have been the domain of the owner of the castle many years ago. When the castle changed hands, the land was not included in it. After no one took care of it, it gradually became barren and left to its own devices, and finally became what it is now. There were several large walnut trees at the edge of the woods, one of which had a tree house that had been built there by unknown people and had existed for unknown years. Fang Zhiyuan is hiding there! He did not know who he had asked-nine times out of ten, Fang Zhixin's father-to help repair the roof that was about to collapse, the wooden walls that were about to fall, and the rope ladder that was about to rot and break. He also cleaned up the inside and outside alone, cut down the branches and leaves that hindered his going up and down, and arranged a little paradise of his own! Fang Zhixin is very angry! He is angry that he enjoys this hidden and comfortable space, that he keeps his mouth shut, Agate Stone Price ,Silver Travertine Slabs, that he never treats him as a brother, and that he has completely attracted his father's attention and replaced him as the focus of the family. In short, all kinds of grievances that had been in his stomach for several years burst out at the moment! So, one day, when Fang Zhi was far away from the tree house, he climbed up and turned out all the secrets and treasures he had hidden in the tree house, threw them under the tree in one breath, trampled them one by one with his feet, and then cut the rope ladder leading to the tree house and hid them! Come to light! For a whole semester, Fang Zhiyuan did not say a word to him. (By the flute: Haha, I didn't expect that this little bastard who plays delicate all day long would have such a strong backbone, so I hugged him and kissed him fiercely..) It was also a whole semester that Fang Zhixin was not allowed to step out of the house during the rest time! His father even disqualified him from going to Redding for the summer next year. Unless he gets his brother's forgiveness and promises to help him renovate the tree house when he returns to the castle! That semester became the most depressing and gloomy period in Fang Zhixin's life. (It is said that after meeting someone, he felt that his depression and gloom were no less than that of the past!) 。 At first he was still holding his breath, refusing to bow his head to the death, especially to the perpetrator, Fang Zhiyuan. After four or five weeks, he began to waver and reflect a little. In another two or three weeks, he began to consciously approach Fang Zhiyuan.. Of course, he was very embarrassed to refuse! In another week or two, he began to try to please him, coax him, threaten him, lure him.. In short, the poor ability and intelligence to do everything! The result is still the same! Fang Zhixin is furious again! He caught Fang Zhiyuan and beat him severely. Although he stopped after a few beatings and regretted and feared, he still tore Fang Zhiyuan's shirt and bloodied his nose! Flute by: Good boy, dare to beat my little husband?! Lift up one's sleeve and go away.) He thought that Fang Zhiyuan would complain again, and that his grounding would be extended indefinitely. For the first time in his life, he even thought of the distant and long word "life"! But the fact is beyond his expectation, Fang Zhiyuan not only did not complain, but also lied that he fell down carelessly when his parents asked about it! Fang Zhixin was stunned and couldn't figure out why he did it. If he was covering for himself out of sincerity, how could he expose him mercilessly the first time he committed a crime? This problem troubled him for several days, during which he deliberately kept a distance from Fang Zhiyuan and carefully observed his every move. However, this strategic alienation was interrupted by an experience on the way home from school, which officially opened the prelude of his brotherhood with Fang Zhiyuan. On that day, Fang Zhixin had to go home in a hurry because of the foot ban, without the slightest delay, otherwise he would be punished by washing dishes and mopping the floor. Unexpectedly, on the way, Fang Zhiyuan, who should have arrived home one step earlier, was besieged by his classmates. Without hesitation, he threw down his books and rushed into the battle group to deal with the strong enemy back to back with his brother. The result, of course,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, was that both brothers were beaten up and went home black and blue (by the flute: still brother! So unpromising, even a few small children are beaten, strong contempt for you! 。
Pu Yangwei at will, the palm of the vertical and horizontal, blink of an eye, has been forced back to the iron grandmother Zhang Xu outside. Pu Yangwei leisurely standing in the original place, did not follow the trend of pursuit. Iron grandmother can not estimate, the other side only a shot, he was forced to be so embarrassed. She gave a cold hum, and the wind surged up, and her palms came like the Yangtze River. In the howling wind, there is a trace of creepy cold air. Pu Yangwei smiled, and his figure, like an elusive ghost, floated through the shadow of Grandma Tie's palm. Sometimes the unique skill comes out one after another, and the style is in the middle. Although Granny Tie is one of the top masters of the "Tianshan School", she has had a hard time fighting. "Alone crane" Hua Yijie dark sigh: "just!" In the eyes of "Duhe", his mentor "Yunxue Old Man", the leader of "Tianshan School", is the first master of "Tianshan School". Although the technique of the elder sister of "Yunxue Old Man" is not as good as that of "Yunxue Old Man", the internal force is almost the same. Now, iron grandmother and Pu Yangwei under the fight, a discerning person can see that the other side is intended to give way, I'm afraid only 70% of the original power. On the delicate and charming face of "Green Lady" Fang Wan, there was a very strange look. She knew that her mother-in-law's martial arts were so profound that the "Tianshan School" was unsurpassed, but now it seemed that she was two chips behind her sweetheart. For a while, she hoped that Puyang Wei would show her magic skills, and for a while,Stone Honeycomb Panel, she secretly prayed that her mother-in-law would not be defeated. But on the emotional balance of Fang Wan's heart, she still tends to be mostly composed of Pu Yangwei. In fact, this is nothing strange, women do not stay, this is the eternal law ah! At this time, the two people in the field, has been very quickly dismantled about a hundred strokes. In Granny Tie's heart, it was as cold as frost, and the more she fought,Porcelain Marble Slabs, the less energetic she was. She did not know, the other side is intended to give way, but she at the moment, has become riding a tiger, the total can not stop in real time said defeat! Pu Yangwei is like the wind at the moment, and his body is like electricity. But in his mind, he was thinking about how to make both sides stop without damaging each other's prestige. By this time, Granny Tie was getting worse and worse. She suddenly roared, and in the "Cold Spirit Palm Method", the extremely powerful "Tianbiao Seven Chains" came out suddenly. There are a total of seven moves and twenty-one styles in this "Tianbiao Seven Links", which are as fast as lightning and ever-changing, making it extremely difficult to prevent. In Puyangwei's mind, an idea flashed like lightning, and an imperceptible smile floated on his face. He was very quick to display the "golden step" in the other side's fierce palm, flashing through the sweep. Just as Granny Tie had no choice but to perform the last form of "Tianbiao Seven Chains", Puyang Wei had a clear roar, and his body rose with the wind of his palm. The thin figure, straight like a meteor, Grey Marble Slab ,Artificial Marble Slabs, shining with a slight white light, has been pulled out more than eight feet. Others in the air, arms stretched out, whirling, has been like a huge goshawk, leisurely and freely into the air almost twenty feet high. This is hardly a miraculous feat of human ability! - At that time, everyone present was stunned. Everyone's mind is empty, not thinking about anything else, thinking in their hearts, looking at their eyes, all of them are stunned by the miracle in front of them. Pu Yangwei body floating in the air, very graceful and elegant spin nine arcs, began to float lightly as if by the air-general, slowly landing on the ground. Iron Granny Hao sighed and was silent. She knew very well in her heart that this was a step that Pu Yangwei had deliberately found for her. Just under a palm, the other side deliberately made in order to avoid the shape, and revealed one hand to lift out the matchless light body of the art "Eagle back to nine turns.". To do so, not only did not damage his reputation, is Puyang Wei himself, also shocked the people present. Granny Tie forced a smile on her face and said, "Master of the Puyang Sect, I had a try with you today, and I realized that I was really old enough to retire.". Alas! In the Yangtze River, the waves behind drive on the waves before, and the ancients did not deceive me. Puyang Weilang said in a loud voice, "Elder Tie, from the beginning of ancient times, you can be convinced but not convinced. Although you are good at martial arts, what's the use if you are not popular?"? The prestige of the older generation has spread far and wide, and everyone in the Tianshan Mountains is even more comforted by seeing the benevolent face and listening to the benevolent precepts. The older generation is so sainted and respected. How can they be as mediocre as those below? Granny Tie felt a shock in her heart, and her face, which was as ruddy as a baby's, was also filled with a brilliant light. "Master Puyang," she said with a clear laugh, "I have lived for more than sixty years, but I have not been able to understand these sincere and simple truths. You're right. Everything in the world can't be measured by martial arts and fame! When she said this, she looked at Fang Wan. "But, Master Puyang," he added, "now that you know so much about the truth, you should know that you are old! The days are numbered. Are you anxious to have a great grandson? "As soon as this remark was made, Fang Wan's face turned red." Hua Yijie, Wan Yueqiao and Ou Ming could not help smiling. Puyang Weiyu's face was like a thin layer of cinnabar, and he smiled bitterly. Handing his hand to everyone, he said, "It's all over here. I'm thinking of leaving. I wonder if the elder has any other orders." Granny Tie shook her head with a smile, and Hua Yijie and the others all bowed with a bow. Pu Yangwei fixed his eyes on the face of "Green Lady" Fang Wan, and he could see that the infatuated girl's eyes were full of reluctance and hope. Pu Yangwei whispered, "Fang.." Sister Wan, the mountains are high and the rivers are long. I'll see you later. Although Yunshan is far away, don't forget the memory of Brother Yu. With a cry, Fang Wan fell on Mei Yun's shoulder. "Vigo, take care of yourself, too," he twitched. Pu Yangwei promised. The figure has floated out. In the night sky came the voice of "Yu Lang Jun" Ou Ming: "Master Puyang, you must come earlier!" It is exclusively provided by Tujia people wwW。 xiaoshuotxt=com Chapter 35 the inn meets the master of the sun. t.xt. Small .. Say ... God . Don This is the south of "Fengji City", a broad street, at this time because of the dead of night,Slate Wall Panel, and appears to be extremely quiet and deserted. After leaving the iron grandmother Fang Wan and others, Pu Yangwei rode out of the tall old house and galloped to the "Hongsheng" Inn in the south of the city. By this time, he had slowed down and turned over to dismount.