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POE’s game maker GGG released patch 3.11. The patch includes handicrafts and perfect game programs that players can make. PC players can experience the changes that the new patch brings to the game one step in advance. PS4 players and Xbox players can enjoy the fresh changes later than PC players. Every player prepared a lot of POE Currency to respond to changes brought about by new patches.

The most direct change players can experience is that they now collect more advanced seeds in the sacred jungle. The strength of Bosses is directly proportional to the player’s last seed level. It means that players are better to take high-level monsters seriously to maximize the quality of the harvested seeds. They can also join forces as a team to pursue efficiency and the number of seeds harvested.

The purpose of the game team’s patch 3.11 is to provide players with a better quality gaming experience. Players now have a much higher probability of harvesting level 2 seeds. What makes the players more satisfied is that the development team fixed some bugs in Harvest. Many players use the Harvest production mechanism to develop exquisite artworks alone. Players who want to learn can watch their production process to inspire their own production process.

Now players are more concerned about the inconsistency of each module in Harvest. Players are happy that the game team has listened to the players’ suggestions and is actively developing fixes. However, players do not know when the game team will push the repair patch. The appearance and release effects of weapons and equipment in the game have become better. Players who want more exquisite equipment can Buy POE Orbs and POE Items to strengthen themselves and kill powerful monsters to pick up a variety of rare equipment.

No player should like to grow monsters that can cause damage to them. The reason why GGG developed Harvest is not only to ease the tensions generated by players in the first three months of the league, but also to innovate in the gardening league. Players can now use the extra league features to create a variety of planting methods. It is worth mentioning that after defeating the monsters produced from the seeds, players can get many rare materials and vitality that can exchange POE Currency.

The core of Harvest is to allow players to collect seeds that can produce various weak or powerful monsters and kill them after careful cultivation. After completing these steps, players can use the vitality and rare materials to make valuable handicrafts according to the new mechanism. What players can get is directly related to the quality and quantity of monsters produced. Players who have not yet entered Harvest must be mentally prepared to accept this new gameplay.

The game team has also made in-depth improvements and optimizations on the passive skill tree, two-handed weapons, and the explosive game mechanics. They also added a lot of practical skills and auxiliary gems to the game and twelve items that are very beneficial to the players. They also reworked the brand and 50 other items to bring players a better gaming experience. They also added Cluster Jewels, which has performed well in Delirium, to the new league in anticipation of its role in the new league.

The game official announced that there will be 19 brand-extra advantage levels in POE 2 that even more players expect. Players who trade or gain POE Exalted Orb and POE Items in Path of Exile can then transfer to POE 2. Although COVID-19 seriously hinders the development work of the game team, it has not blocked players’ interest in the game. They Buy POE Currency to make full preparations for the future. The charm of POE continues to affect people.

Madden 20’s schedule is almost over. Many Madden players praised Madden 20 as the most successful part of the Madden NFL series. It enjoys the Superstar Mode in the game, which attracted many players to join the game this year. Players are also looking forward to the surprise that Madden 21, which will release in a while, will bring them. They also prepared a lot of MUT Coins for the upcoming valuable player cards.

Affected by this year’s COVID-19, Madden 21’s release plan had to be a delay. As of now, EA has not elaborated on Madden 21’s release plan. The following is the relevant information that most people predict Madden 21 release time and game mode. We should note it is not the ultimate official conclusion.

Players who like to play Madden on Xbox One and PS4 are very concerned about the specific release time of Madden 21. Since Madden 18 was released, every year the new Madden season starts in August. Many players have already watched the Madden trailer released by EA. Another thing worth watching is which player can become Madden 21’s cover superstar and whether he can convince players. We will announce the candidate for the cover star after the EA vote. It is worth mentioning that Madden’s cover superstar will not repeat every year.

The wonderful news is that Madden 21 will be the first game in the Madden series to run on the new console. Players just have to wait for the conclusion. It is important to know that no matter which year of Madden, Madden Coins is the currency that players need most in the game. Although they can exchange an inconsiderable amount of Madden Coins by selling excess player cards, they are too inefficient. To be honest, if they Buy MUT Coins at cheap and safe agents, it is a brilliant choice.

There are various monsters in Path Of Exile. Their strength levels vary. Some monsters can even pose a lethal threat to players. Players must use a lot of POE Items and POE Currency and even team up with others to defeat these horrible monsters. It shows that even the strong players are not in a wonderful position in the POE.

As one of the most prestigious challenge games, POE has added various novelties to the game. Players need to pay attention to whether their mana and health are too low while enemies are fighting. If they are in the critical period of construction, they should pay more attention to various factors that may affect them. Players should also understand some ways to get POE Currency to facilitate their transaction process.

Almost every experienced POE player of the game will eventually challenge those monsters with terrifying strength to get rare items and top-grade equipment and so on. Players with little knowledge may think Innocence is already the most powerful boss in the game. In fact, Doedre the Vile is the most terrifying of the existing monsters. When players are fighting it, if it is in phase, it will continue to strengthen and players will continue to weaken. When it is in the third stage, which is the purple stage, it will cause tragic damage to players with fast speed and high attack. They must defeat it only by players who have a good understanding of combat mechanics and construction.

Although players speculate that it should not release POE 2 until next year, POE Harvest League has rekindled their interest in the game. It is less than half a month after the release of the new league. Many players are still unclear about the hard bosses in the new league. The game team announced that players can play Harvest League no matter what platform they play on. Players should Buy POE Currency and Exalted Orb to prepare. More exciting fresh things are waiting for players!

Since the release of POE Harvest, many potential players have officially become POE players. The problem now facing new and old players is the phenomenon of wasting their POE Currency and wasting energy because they do not know how to plan Harvest. Although it may seem difficult, if players plan successfully, they will find how much it will help them.

Patch 3.11 of POE Harvest appeared in the game in the middle of last month. All players who inspired by the patch are now trying to find the right way to plan their gardens to maximize their benefits. Players in Harvest League can experience the special features of the region no matter which specific area they enter. They can go to Sacred Grove to find the seed cache and get seeds that can generate monsters. Seeds are one of the core of Harvest League.

Although the work of the game team forced to delay because of the influence of COVID-19, the error may have disappeared because of the agreeable change of GGG. POE has recently improved many existing items or functions in the game because of the release of the new league. Players can get a lot of rare materials and vitality after harvesting monsters from the seeds they plant and killing them. They can use the enormous vitality gained to upgrade equipment or improve modifiers.

Obviously, it is better for players to use this method to upgrade equipment than the benefits and efficiency that POE Orbs can reap. Players good at ARPG games know how much armor with powerful features will improve their game situation. Novice players should well use the harvested items to enhance their strength and make their game situation relatively safe. Players with strong economic strength can Buy Exalted Orb to make their game journey smoother than others.
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