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Generally speaking, gacha elements cost a lot of money, but 2K Sports has a very generous card collection mode. NBA 2K21 allows players to build a very powerful team without spending a penny. Although we don't know if the unreleased NBA 2K22 is the same, this model is very suitable for basketball. It is not like FIFA that can be packaged with Ligue2 players.

One thing that has been announced is the return of Drafts, which allows players to form time-limited teams Buy MT 2K22 based on the latest cards in the game. Each season will bring new rewards, players will join the community to participate in the competition for gift packages and prizes.

2K Sports now pays more attention to player retention rates than ever before. Players can carry out a relay challenge every day. The strength of the opponent depends on the strength of the player squad. In order to allow players to participate in the game every day of the week, a mechanism is set up to obtain different rewards every 24 hours. In addition, players can obtain various prizes by collecting activity cards.

In order to push players into the gift package market, 2K Sports may rely on limited edition cards to attract players' attention and make them recharge. However, players will be able to obtain limited edition holographic versions of cards exclusively from the gift pack. At the same time, the cards can be scored according to the MP bonus.

The last thing to say is that 2K Sports is currently promoting customization, and will also mark celebrities and professional players with icons so that players can recognize them if they meet them in the 2K MT game. This seems quite worth looking forward to.

Collecting favorite players and forming your own team in NBA 2K21 is a very interesting thing. After NBA 2K22 goes live, all this may become more interesting. If you need NBA 2K22 MT, you can visit UTnice. In UTnice, you can buy a large amount of safe and secure NBA 2K22 MT for very little money.
Nook's Shopping As Nintendo has launched another limited-time seasonal item, the cute backpack now only needs 800 Animal Crossing Items bells, and the game is now preparing for the fall.

Animal Crossing UK Twitter official account announced that grape-harvest baskets can now be purchased from Nook Shopping. The basket only needs 800 bells, but they only appear in the form of clothing and have no practical use. If you want to go all out for this fall, it is still worth buying. However, since the harvest basket was also released in the same period last year, this news is not very good for players who want to obtain new items in the game. However, if a player who missed it last year can grab it this year. The grape-harvest basket is only available from September 1 to 30, 2021, so players who want it are best to act as soon as possible.

Nintendo has been steadily adding time-limited items to the game, such as the previously released cucumber horsean, eggplant cow, a rodeo-style springy ride-on, and Cowherd and Weaver Girl Day items. But many players hope that Nintendo will make substantial updates to the game, and they don't seem to be particularly excited about these versions.

Nintendo recently promised that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will get "more free content" later this year, and they have not completely ignored the island life simulation game. It has not been announced whether more animals and plants or island expansion will be added, but the player's favorite NPC Brewster will soon be added to the game.

If you are an old player, you may know what will happen in the fall, but for novices, all this is very exciting. Players' islands in the northern hemisphere will be transformed in autumn. Orange and red trees will be added to the islands, as well as acorns and mushrooms. And this season can also host events such as Turkey Day and Halloween.

Are you looking forward to this new fall content? Brewster, which is loved by players, will be added to the game. If you need Animal Crossing Bells now or later, you are welcome to visit MMOWTS. In MMOWTS, players can purchase a large number of Animal Crossing Bells for a small amount of money, and the transaction is guaranteed and the delivery speed is very fast. Welcome to MMOWTS.
Genshin Impact may get some interesting new characters in the next few weeks, and more information about one of the characters is currently known. It has been almost a year since Genshin Impact was launched. Players have regularly received a large number of new game content through a large number of updates and cooperation. More and more characters will be Buy Genshin Impact Accounts released frequently as the gacha pool in the game continues to expand. At present, we have ushered in a major update of 2.1. Players will get three new characters, Sara, Kokomi and Raiden, as well as new regions, weapons and missions.

Some information about Genshin Impact 2.3 has now been learned. According to the 2.3 leak, we learned that a new character Arataki Itto may appear in the 2.3 update. Arataki Itto is a male character. Although he will appear in 2.3, it is not currently available in the gashapon pool, similar to Yae's current status. In a nutshell, it is to be determined whether he will enter the gacha pool. Another thing I learned about Itto is that his element is Geo.

Characters such as Sayu and Yoimiya have mentioned Itto in the game. Yoimiya also said that he looks "terrible". Considering the facts that Itto has been mentioned in the game, this leak is still credible. However, there is very little information available about Arataki Itto. Whether he is a Geo character or not has not been completely determined.

For now, it is not possible to consider Itto as a playable character, but if this leak is confirmed to be true, it will eventually appear in the game.

Have you noticed the news of 2.3 while experiencing the latest Genshin Impact 2.1? It seems that many interesting characters will be added to the game one after another. By the way, if you want to  Buy Genshin Account now, you are welcome to visit MMOWTS. On MMOWTS, you can purchase a variety of Genshin Impact Accounts with favorable prices and good quality. MMOWTS will also provide in-game equipment purchases, so let’s browse MMOWTS to check it out now.
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