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As the huge open world of Genshin Impact, Teyvat is usually hidden under layers of fog, so players have no way to overlook the entire world. Recently, with the help of a redditor, we can finally see the look of Teyyat after the sky is clearer. It is very beautiful.

As far as we know, the world is huge, but Teyvat has not really shown it to us from the perspective of an eagle eye. At present, in addition to some of the content shared by players so far, travelers can only visit the three worlds of Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma. Teyvat still looks big from a height even though we already have seven worlds.

The Redditor climbed up a tall pillar, and they used the video when the game failed to remove the dense fog texture that would normally hide everything when gliding. The Genshin Impact Accounts player can see and stretch the three countries below. When the sun sets on the horizon, especially Liyue, it looks incredible.

Unfortunately, players have not used the camera to provide similar things to everyone because of the malfunction in the game. However, Teyvat's vast mountains, oceans, and cities and towns still constitute a perfect screenshot. People hoped to replicate this failure, so they quickly asked how the player entangled in the sky, but for now, this is like a mystery, and everyone hasn't figured it out yet.

In addition to some appreciable glitches, Mihoyo is also busy for players who are keen to pursue the easier and officially supported Genshin Impact. The banner of Lightning’s cute pyrotechnician Yoimiya went live last Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts week. With the release of Ayaka, five-star heroes are also launched along with new regions. And after Kazuna disappears from the current banner, you can still get a special live wallpaper to celebrate that his family is also from Lightning.

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In the summer, Twitch's growth rate has slowed down, but the growth trend has not been eliminated. Amazon "New World" as a new competitor squeezed into the live broadcast market of Facebook Gaming. After players flooded into the game's closed beta, "New World" had 34 million hours of viewing last month.

Since the beginning of summer, the duration of content broadcast has dropped significantly every month. The content played in July reached 1.8 billion hours, which is 23% higher than the figure in July 2020. This Buy New World Coins shows that Amazon's Twitch still controls most viewers for live broadcasts.

Most of the top 10 games on Twitch also lost some ratings, including Grand Theft Auto 5, League of Legends, and Minecraft, where the total watch time dropped by 27%.

The audience of the New World of MMORPG has expanded to Twitch. Its closed beta world started on July 20 and lasted until August 2. It was selected by a number of live broadcasters who focused on MMO. Although it did not enter the top ten in July, it received 34 million hours of viewing time.

The beta version of New World ranked 14th on Twitch in July. This is a favorable data point for the postponement of the game release date.

For Twitch's non-gaming channels, its game content is generally sluggish. Many people turn to Twitch for alternative social New World Coins networks or amateur networks. Compared with Twitch's market share slump in June-July, Facebook Gaming's market share has been steadily increasing. Its viewership in July increased by 53% year-on-year, setting a new viewing record of 533 million hours.

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Animal Crossing now celebrates the Obon Festival in Japan with two new seasonal items on the shelves. Eggplant ACNH Bells Beef and Cucumber Horse, which are new products for the Obon Festival in Japan, can be purchased for a limited time at Nook Shopping until August 16. By the way, if you need Animal Crossing Bells, you can go to MMOWTS to buy cheap/safe/fast/legal ACNH Bells. The more ACNH Bells you buy, the more discount you will get!

The new product is priced at 500 bells each, because the two will be rotated every day, so if you want to get both, you need to pay attention to the product. Open your NookPhone or the NookStop terminal of the Island Resident Service Building where you are, open the Nook shopping catalog, select special products, and go to the seasonal tab so that you can order products. You can also choose to order some other seasonal products. It should be noted that after August 14th, Hikoboshi and Orihime clothing will be Buy ACNH Bells removed from the store. Their current price is 2500 bells per set, and rodeo-style stretch jerseys will be available for sale before August 15th. It is 2000 bells.

In addition to the new Obon items added as part of the 1.11.0 update, some other new seasonal items are also introduced in this patch. You can win boba and marshmallows from Redd’s booth during the firework show held every Sunday evening in August. In addition, Nook Shopping will also provide moon cake boxes and other moon-viewing foods in September.

In addition to new seasonal items, Nintendo also released a new 1.11.1 Animal Crossing update. This patch mainly solves some of the problems that occurred in the game after the above 1.11.0 update, including the bug that caused the seasonal cloud to not appear as expected. Nintendo said that it will launch more "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" updates later this year.

In addition to the new 1.11.1 Animal Crossing update, Nintendo also has these new seasonal items. Some problems that occurred in the game after the 1.11.0 update have been resolved in this patch, such as seasonal cloud errors that did not appear as expected. In addition, later this year, Nintendo will launch more "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" updates.

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Although this time it was a matter of lightning, but the mechanical theater activities once again returned to the original god. Liyue during the Lantern Festival in February 2021 is the time of the initial event. This second Genshin Impact Accounts event occurred during lightning. It will add some new content and requirements on the basis of the original roughly the same functions.

Players must unlock the ability to visit the lightning area to participate in this event, so they need to upgrade to level 30 and pass Chapter 2: Prologue and complete all story tasks. At the same time must complete the lightning story line mission Ritou Escape Plan and in-depth understanding of Chapter 2 missions.

There are a total of 10 stages for the mechanics of the Yuanshen Impact Theater, and there are more stages available for use every day. If you want to unlock the future stage, you must first clear the previous stage. The game mode is an optional cooperative tower defense game. In order to defeat the oncoming enemy, you need to place elemental machinery to deal with it. At the same time, if you want to Buy Genshin Impact Accounts change your opponent, your tower, or your state, you can use Wonder Stick. You can also use the points you get after the round to unlock and improve your mechanic. You can also use fantastic amulets in the game store to obtain rough stones, Guides to Light, Guides to Elegance, Guides to Transience, Hero’s Wit, and Mora.

You can experience Genshin Impact on your mobile device or PS4, PS5, PC. Genshin Impact Theatre Mechanicus will last until August 26, 2021.
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This article will guide you in the acceptance of the seventh samurai mission in the game Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is a high-degree-of-freedom open world Genshin Impact Accounts  game that can explore and discover a variety of new storylines. After the lightning area becomes an accessible area, players have more opportunities to obtain primogem and other rewards through missions. Travelers can get to know Xavier from the land of Fontaine in Genshin Impact's latest adventure.

Players can start the seventh samurai mission through the completion of the Tatara Tales mission line. In this quest line, players need to pay attention to the Yuying Furnace. After waiting for a day, you can Buy Genshin Impact Accounts proceed to the next task. After completing this quest line, you can start the seventh samurai world quest. Receive the seventh samurai mission from Xavier on an island east of Lightning City. During this period, it will take a week or more to complete Tatara Tales in the real world.

In the quest plot, Xavier needs players to participate in the filming process of his movie. To complete this scenario, the player must defeat the bandits and change positions. The operation steps during this period are relatively simple, and the player can independently choose the challenge method of the task. However, it is important to note that during the task, you cannot leave the recording area marked by the circular translucent barrier. If you accidentally slide out of this area, it will cause the shooting to fail. To prevent this from happening, players should quickly defeat the robbers.

The reward for completing the task is 30 primogems and some other items. In addition, players who successfully unlocked Lightning reputation will receive reputation points after completing the mission.

The seventh samurai mission is an unusual mission compared to the previous mission completed by the player in Genshin Ipact. Looking forward to your exploration of this task.

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