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By watching the FUT Freeze promotional video, you can find that some special player items, goals and SBC will return to FIFA 22, which also means that the Futmas promotional video will not return to FUT.

Next week, THE FUT Freeze promo will return to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The FUT Freeze promo was successfully launched in FIFA 21, and as a substitute for the popular Futmas Promo, it also Buy FUT 22 Coins means that the Futmas promotional film will be absent from FIFA for one year. However, before this winter-themed promotional film returns to FIFA 22, it is speculated that relevant information has been leaked on social media.

In the FUT Freeze promo, including players who have accepted the position change and a series of corresponding statistical upgrades, some of the highlights in the FIFA 21 promotional film are ST Sadio Mane, LM Macro Verratti and LB Adama Traore.

Here is all the information we know about the Freeze promo video so far.

Freeze is a replacement for Futmas Promo, which contains special themed player items that will receive permanent upgrades and location change statistics to make them more suitable for new locations.

This provides an exciting new perspective for FIFA players to build the ultimate team.

During the last Freeze promo, the two teams released a total of 30 players, including 14 consecutive days of daily SBC.

However, since the promotion has not yet been confirmed by EA, there is a continued FIFA 22 Coins existence of FUT Freeze in the early leaks of FIFA 22. FIFA content creators on social media claim to have the full list of players in the first version, some of which are set to feature.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected is a new version of the most classic ARPG game Diablo 2 released in 2000. It has expanded with many new content and has been online for two months. Now, it will have a major update, which is also paving the way for the first Ladder season.

In the past two months, players have faced their enemies and paved the way for their victory. During this Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale period, the waiting time for players to enter the game has been significantly improved. Currently, when a player enters the game world, it takes less than 60 seconds on average. Moreover, the game team also introduced other new features in order to make the player's gaming experience better. These features are included in patch 2.3.

In addition, players can find the option of online difficulty level in the offline mode settings from now on. This function is the same as the debugging command "/players X". This feature is especially effective on the PC side. Players can use the new feature Force Movement after downloading the update. This will allow players to move the character to a specific location without aiming at a monster. In addition, there is a new feature called Quick Cast, where players can use hotkeys to select skills, but there is no need to select the corresponding talents in the user interface in advance.

In addition, this update fixes many bugs and makes improvements. If you want to learn more, you can check the patch notes posted on the official website.

The first public testing area of Diablo 2 Resurrected will begin in the next few weeks. Before developers can incorporate balance, bug fixes and other improvements in this area into the main game, players can actively participate in this PTR and try out the new content of the game.

The main focus of the PTR is the stability of online games and database issues. Developers will share new information about the Diablo 2 Resurrected Items game and other innovative content that everyone is looking forward to after these issues are dealt with and the improvements take effect.

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It is expected that Blizzard will soon announce the third phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. What everyone needs to do now is to make the best preparations for the next phase of the update. The following content will provide some suggestions for the mission series you should master, the items you should cultivate, and the equipment you should get.

Two and a half months have passed since WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Phase 2 was released. Blizzard’s developers will soon discuss the next content patch and may announce its release WOW TBC Gold date. This means that we are about to face many new challenges. So, what we need to do now is to prepare for it. Including mastering the more important mission series, and collecting the game items necessary to participate in the outer domain.

Because, if we deal with these things after the third phase starts, we will face the problem of having to deal with a large number of things in a short period of time. Therefore, the period of time before the update is released is very worth taking advantage of, which also allows us to prepare for the upcoming phase.

If you have actively participated in the raid in the past few months, and mastered the fifth layer of content. Well, now, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because, it means you have done most of the work. After that, we need to first master the adjustment of the Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep.

We can tune the Black Temple from the first phase of Shadowmoon Valley. It can start from Arcanist Thelis or Anchoretin Ceyla, the mission is "Tablets of Baa'ri". From now on, we can complete as many tasks as possible, or we can expect 5 people to challenge. In addition, if we solve the challenge as soon as possible, it will be easier to find the Buy TBC Classic Gold players for the mission The terrace of Ata'mal.

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As the flagship project of Amazon Games, the developers of New World announced on Thursday that automated collection activities or "botting" have been banned for thousands of accounts.

Just like many other massively multiplayer online games, in New World, players can collect resources from the environment, such as herbs, ore, leather, fish or meat. Moreover, these New World Gold resources can be used to make very useful in-game items, such as armor, weapons, food or potions. These resources can also be sold to other players for profit.

But this usually leads to the creation of a third-party program called "botting" in the community. Most games have clear terms of service prohibiting these programs, but they still continue to appear in these popular MMOs. Players can set up a script in their role, that is, "robots". These robots will collect resources while the player is doing other things.

The difference between New World and other MMOs is that they allow players to collect various types of resources at the same time, but this also creates a unique deflation problem in the game. Most notably, many players in New World reported that due to the influx of robots on the server, the value of the in-game merchandise has become lower.

After a recent report on the issue was published on PC Gamer, Amazon Games has also taken action. They issued a related statement.

They said that they are aware of player reports about the increase in robot activity in New World, and robot problems have brought continuous challenges to MMOs. The game team has deployed specialized tools and resources to identify and fight against these robots. They said that the game team will be committed to continuous improvement to deal with robot problems. And they banned more than 7,700 accounts using robots in a single day on December 1. The game team wants to make sure that New World is fun and fair for all players.

Before Amazon started taking action, New World players had already found their own way to deal with these robot problems in order to entertain themselves. Because the scripts of these robots are not that complicated, players have been able to break their own patterns by setting obstacles in the path they pass or by involving them in battle.

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This week, the 11th team of FIFA 22 has been announced. They include Liverpool FC and Dutch defender Virgil Van Dijk.

At 6pm UK time on December 1, the new project has been packaged, which includes a special upgraded version of the best performing players this week. After Virgil Van Dijk defeated Southampton 4-0 in Liverpool, he made the headlines of this special group of FUT 22 Coins events.

In his new project, his speed and physical stats have been increased by two, his defensive stats have also been increased by one, and his scoring reached 92 points.

Barcelona's midfielder, Frenkie De Jong also received upgrades in the game against Villarreal. Although these are not as good as his elimination, he already has 82 speed, 70-point shooting, 89-point dribble, 87-point passing, 78 defensive attributes and 80-point physical fitness. This also makes him one of the most comprehensive midfielders in the game.

Premier League players ilkay Gündogan, James Maddison and Bukayo Saka also received official items of their performance in the game. This week's best team is Bukayo Saka, and he also Buy FIFA 22 Coins won a double upgrade.

Whether it is Virgil Van Dijk or Frenkie De Jong, Bukayo Saka or James Maddison and ilkay Gündogan, they are all star players in this week's best team!

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