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I think it's about time I get the hang of that skill. At the moment, I'm 63 in that skill. But the only prior experience I've got with OSRS gold this ability (I mean doing it, not the actual training to reach a higher level), is from about five times doing it on my own.

I'm able to claim 100 tokens, and as a result, I am unable to get any benefits from the dungeoneering (I really want the bonecrusher as a weapon for hunting or for training in combat). My method of gaining level of proficiency in the skill is through tears of guthix, jack of trades, penguin points, and lamps from sof and quests. I kind of cheated my way through the skill and now I'm an aspiring dungeoneering novice at level of 63.

So, please enlighten me on the art of Dungeoneering. What can I do to earn tokens at a rapid pace and also, what are the top ways (and (un)written guidelines) for playing in an organized team, and lastly, what's this thing about prestige?

BTW, you have an error in the title... Dugneon lawl. Prestige is something you do when you've completed all your floors. Let's say I completed Floor 1 with Prestige 1. Prestige 1 indicates that I completed 1 floor then pressed the button to increase my prestige. That's why I'll have decent XP. But let's say I was on the floor 31 and I had Prestige 1: I'd get lower XP.

Prestige and Floor, are your primary rate for XP in the dungeon you have completed (then levels-mod deaths, level-mod. kick in). So, if you complete 30 floors, you press the prestige before you go to floor 31. You're xp should be around 100%, due to the average between your prestige and your floor.

So, that's prestige. In a team, you should always have the same as a tool kit (whether purchased or bound) and also laws/cosmics/astrals if you have any extra to. Astrals are a great way to remove poison and are therefore useful in abandoned 2/warped (abandoned is usually abandoned). CRUSH skeletons. Attack styles are an important part of buy rs07 fire cape dugneoneering.

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By Alexis
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