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Skilling might be within an state than balance shrewd, but not because it's not enjoyable, it is just underdeveloped and lagging behind much loot PvM shits out. I enjoy doing skilling and I think we have more choice between intensity/afk than then, and a much better balance, but skilling is insignificant and has obtained few obvious OSRS gold gameplay improvements. I did not PK that far in 2011, although pvP appears at a state that is worse. Minigames seem"worse" as well (Tears and Stealing Generation have been popular, SW too I guess, I remember more people playing CW or BH than atm).

The improvement compared to 2011 imo is when it comes to esports and content. This can be to the community and to the charge of the developers. While I love the RuneScape content, the one is just of the quality. And have been so enjoyable to follow. In addition, I need to mention, I believe being in the area is much more enjoyable. Dev communication and the polls, updates makes it more enjoyable to play and follow RuneScape generally than it had been back in 2011. It's not RuneScapeplay that is enjoyable.

I do agree to some degree, also this is gont be filmed, but a lot of the newest content appears to be really outside of the"classic" topic of RuneScape. Zeah, by way of example, just feels like a server feature tacked onto the main game. I know most individuals do not care about lore, however, the Zeah"lore" feels so disconnected from the rest of RuneScape it simply feels like a rushed piece of content for the sake of content. Hopefully once Zeah gets it is quest it will turn into a bit more interesting lore wise. Content shrewd though Zeah feels as good as the majority of RuneScape, it'd be nice though, possibly Soul Wars could wind up there if Zeah had a PvP mini game too?People today cover raid scouts. You're permitted to offer services for gp, and quite easily when that support doesn't require you going on the customer's account. Even flame capes is allowed, it is just advised against since you can not 100% trust that the vendor. Related rwt/ddos/etc does break rules, but like I said that should be dealt with much more - you can have rev protection clans without any of the shit.

Revenant cave protection must be a bannable offense. If boxing in DMM is a offense that goes against the spirit of rivalry, then hired thugs in jungle for protection also needs to be bannable because that goes against the spirit of risk vs reward. Wilderness is meant to be risky, but paying a huge clan for security removes any kind of danger. Clan revenant protection damages RuneScape integrity also it creates a way for the two parties to farm gp for RWT, which is a bannable offense.

A number of changes could be seen by the cave although I believe revenant cave does not necessarily have to be removed. That buy old school runescape gold method to produce the money that may be upwards of 6million the pvmer must stand above the 30 wilderness line. In case the pvmer needs security, then they kill leveled revenants and could stay below 30 wilderness.

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By Kin Gang
Added Jul 30 '20



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